The Sophomore Blues

It’s hard to believe that just three months ago, I was a freshman at college. Excitement and nerves filled me with what was to come. Would I make friends? Would I join a sorority? What would I become? Looking back now, I realize how silly and naive I was to be filled with all these worries. I’d find my place and the most amazing group of friends anyone could ask for. Although I suffered confusion with what I wanted to do in terms of my major or how to get to classes, it was all worth it in the end. 

Coming in sophomore year, I feel ready and somewhat prepared for what’s to come. But what has me worried is the idea of college almost being over. The talk of internships and job experiences are coming closer and closer. I’ve become so comfortable just being a student, that the idea of being anything else scares me. 

College provides you such a warm place to grow, but I sometimes ask myself if that’s enough for the real world. Obstacles and challenges are always out there in every corner and I’ll have to be an adult and face them.

Just recently I took on the responsibility of being more of an adult by paying for college on my own, which came with budgeting and it’s been hard. The food places that used to be my favorite like Starbucks have become more costly. In school, this isn’t talked about enough, managing money is such a taboo subject. 

I honestly feel that we’re missing out on this conversation that should be had more. I mean after all, although I hate to say it, money determines a lot of things in our lives. My hope with this article is that we can get a conversation started at the very least. Money shouldn’t be as taboo as it is.