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Reflecting on Senior Year

Throughout my years of schooling, I couldn’t help but always anticipate the day I finally finish my journey along these torturous, academic years. Okay, I might be exaggerating about the torturous part, but I can say I couldn’t wait to get out of school, be it middle/junior high school or high school. Now, as I am in my final year of undergraduate college, there is just so much I’m reflecting on. Yes, I’m talking about the famous “senior year.” 

The senior year in any academic-based schooling is essentially the final year, leading to completion of the curriculum that was being studied. It is often a grade and credit-based measurement of a student’s status in an institution and widely utilized by school systems across the country and the world. Whilst the senior year is academically the last year to put your best foot forward, it is culturally the last year to be socially in tune with your peers at school. It is the bittersweet goodbye and a time to reflect on the memories made in your time spent in the institution learning.

Although senior year is idealistically supposed to be encompassed by feelings of happiness, gratitude, and joy because you are approaching your goal – graduation (completion), for many it can be one of the worst times of their academic years. But the thing is, it’s okay. For many people, senior year is imagined to be this magical time in their lives in which they get all their crap together either by doing good in school, getting their own personal affairs in order, or spending the last few moments they’ll have with their colleagues and peers of many years. But it’s okay if it doesn’t go turn out this way. That is the beauty of senior year, because it is also a humbling time of your life. 

It is a year of growth, especially in your undergraduate years of college because you’re preparing for the real world with a possible career in the field you have been studying for. Ultimately, in this year you can spend time reflecting, and you can come to a conclusion that you haven’t had a good time, but then realize it’s finally all coming an end! That’s what makes it so good, the fact that it’s finally here and you’re on your way out! It will all be over when you walk that stage or pick up your diploma! Not only that, but in reflecting, you can also sort through your mistakes and shortcomings, and execute ways to carry tasks, relationships, assignments out better for the future. 

The point that I’m trying to make about senior year is that it’s almost over. School is almost over, which means it’s time to move on, get better, and brace yourself for hopefully much better and exciting things to come! Keep the fond memories close, put behind the dark ones, enrich yourself academically, and plan ahead. Get ready seniors, our time is here! 


Graceann Bhagat

Stony Brook '20

Name: Graceann Bhagat  Year: Senior  Major: Double Major in Biology (Neuroscience) and History (European History)  I write about the mediocre things in life that don't matter but do.   
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