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Rangoli Beyond Boundaries: A Deteriorating Kaleidoscope

An Open Letter to My Abuser.

Before you’re a student, a co-worker, an athlete, a neighbor, a roommate, a sibling, a friend, a lover, a child, a doctor, a musician, a leader, a stranger… you’re first a person with a multitude of potential. Regardless of the path of interest you choose, you will find your own kind of magical happiness someday. Dreams will become a beautiful reality and everything else will flourish and blossom altogether. Before any of this, however, remember that your life is your own. You are responsible for your words and actions and their following consequences. Remember that everyone else is entitled to the exact same. Don’t for a second believe that it is alright for you to use others as stepping stones to help hoist yourself up to your success. Don’t for a second believe that you can stampede on someone else’s parade and walk away without remorse. Don’t for a second think that you have the right to violate someone else’s sacred values and being to help satiate your own wants. Before you earn a degree, a title, a friendship or a relationship… you have to learn more about who you were, are and will become as a person.

Blurting out a lie is easy. Building on that lie is a tower of many more lies. Lies hurt and break others but it changes you as a person. It keeps you on a constant edge and you start delving deeper into the hole you dug for yourself. You transform into someone who you yourself can’t seem to escape. It’s good that life offers a tomorrow for the fortunate few. Using that tomorrow to build a brighter, more earnest future is what counts more than anything else in life. Become a person who places others before themselves. Become someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who gives without receiving. Who crosses miles to see a smile ignite everything else around them. Become someone who dreams with others, not someone who tramples others’ dreams. Help form values day by day for those around you.

Become an example to be followed. Be not afraid to face yourself and your past. Be not reluctant to change. What use is a life built on the pain and sacrifice of others? What use is it to continue living the lie you built so carefully? What use are all the people you found through your lies? The dreams that became nightmares? You become the monster you only ever envisioned. Just like the happiness that’s seeping away… the friends built on lies, the relationships, the dreams, the titles, they will all slowly trickle down into a warped image of what you could’ve avoided going near. You trap yourself within a gray, broken, and deteriorating kaleidoscope. An unforgiving repetition of a collage of images that haunt every ray of light that hopes to reveal a picturesque view from deepest of dwellings. Even if it seems like a scary thought in the darkness of everything, truth heals.

Truth brings people closer. Truth opens up new opportunities. Truth finds you. Most importantly, truth always triumphs. Use this truth to heighten your full potential. The truth to find your path to a brand new beginning; the truth to an enlightened sense of being.


Stacy Ebby

Stony Brook

Stacy is a curious student of this unknown world on a journey to bring together diverse, beautiful people through the practice of love, patience and generosity.
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