Rahina Akram: Green Dot Program President

Name: Rahina Akram

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology, Minor in Health and Wellness

Hometown: Centereach, NY

What is the Green Dot Program? What is your role in the organization?

Rahina: "Green Dot Ambassadors is a new SBU organization aimed at promoting bystander intervention through social engagement and empowerment. By raising awareness of issues like sexual, domestic, and relationship violence, our goal is to establish a campus culture that does not tolerate absolutely any form of violence. As President, I hope to do my personal best at supporting such a culture, not only on our campus but throughout our community as well."

What is the best part of being involved in the Green Dot Program?

Rahina: "Unfortunately, we see many instances of power-based violence all throughout society, some of which are never heard or brought to light. I think the best part of my involvement in the organization is representing the voices of the voiceless, both as a student leader and as a proud Stony Brook Seawolf."

What would you like your fellow Seawolves to know about the Green Dot Program?

Rahina: "Our door is always open. Regardless of what major you are or what your interests may be, there is always room for anyone looking to join our mission in bettering ourselves and the community we live in. I encourage everyone to attend any of our Green Dot training sessions held each semester to learn more about how to get involved and learn how to recognize and respond to various forms of power-based violence."

What's does the process of starting an official club feel like?

Rahina: "Extremely rewarding! Although this was my first time leading a group of peers through a path I was just learning to forge, I have to admit it has been an incredibly pleasant journey so far. I have gotten the opportunity to interact with some very kind, motivated, and genuine individuals along the way. Even though I will be graduating soon, I am completely confident that they will represent the club well and help it grow for years to come." 

What’s the best part of getting involved on campus?

Rahina: "As a commuter, it’s tough. But becoming involved in organizations that I enjoyed being a part of really changed my college experience in the most positive way. As Public Relations of Pre-Med Society and President of GDA, I definitely felt like I was a part of the community that I lived in and that I played a role that benefitted not only myself but my peers as well. That’s the best part of it all, being able to actively contribute and spread your knowledge and passion to those around you, all while meeting some great new people."

Do you have a favorite Stony Brook memory?

Rahina: "Attending the SBU Women’s soccer games, for sure. I grew up playing the sport myself for about eleven years and it is still my favorite activity to be a part of. I always enjoyed watching the school games with friends and cheering on our fellow Seawolves. Though my schedule didn’t allow me to participate in the school team, I decided to play for an indoor team here on campus. It’s always a fun time getting together with people who have a love for the game that’s just as strong as yours. This is definitely something I will miss dearly after I graduate." 

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