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Products You Can Use to Be Sustainable All Year Round

There have been a lot of ways to stay sustainable and eco friendly this week but today I want to tell you about some brands that you can shop at all year round.

These brands don't just have specials during earth day but rather celebrate the earth by being sustainable throughout the entire year. 

Reformation is a clothing brand. On March 1st they released their first active wear entitled, Ref Active and according to their website is made out of "100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and is GRS & Oeko-Tex Certified. Traceable fiber print technology certifies it is recycled, meaning it’s 100% traceable from plastic to polyester each step of the way." 

Following their active wear is FibreTrace tech. Just like it sounds you can trace the denims's lifecycle "from the cotton farm to production to finished garment, to when they finally end up on your legs (farm to butt.) Lastly if you have been feeling any guilt about how your recent going out have left a carbon footprint, Reformation can take care of that as well. You can buy climate credit offsets for weddings, flights o  just everyday ways people/persons can leave a carbon footprint. The website explains that the "offsets take care of that by investing in projects that promote and expand carbon-reducing projects around the globe, reducing our overall footprint." For instance a 6 month individual person carbon purchase "goes directly to support Gold Standard verified projects through NativeEnergy."

Baylis & Harding Goodness Natural hand washes have a 98% naturally derived formula that is vegan, and 95% biodegradable. There are four choices Lemongrass & Ginger, Rose & Geranium, Sea Kelp & Peppermint, and Oud, Cedar & Amber, which are packaged within a 100 percent PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottle. They are dye free paraben free and silicone free. You can find these at Target.com for 5.99! 

Olive & June is a nail polish and nail care brand.  When it comes to removing polishes they have one of (if not) the most sustainable way to remove nail polishes. They don't have wipes or scrapers but rather a jar. For nail you stick your finger in the jar and twist your nail unt the polish comes off. If you are removing nailpolish on your toes you just use the cap. Furthermore their system called  The Mani system, which has just about everything you need for a manicure contains the nail polish remover as well as two more reusable items. Firstly most of the products come in a resealable case that can be used for anything! It comes in a bigger container you can use to not only store the products, but also your cell phone. The container has a spot for your cell phone to rest in and is perfect for recordig your nail routine.  

We all know there are disinfectant wipes as well as aerosol sprays, which not only aren't friendly to the environment but leave a lingering smell. According to CHI's website, their Life Handheld UV Light Wand wand kills 99.9% of germs within one minute and can be used to disinfect items including toys and shopping cart handles so you don't have to use any wipes or spray disinfectant! 

Brabantia is a brand that is committed to being sustainable, "Caring for others and the environment, caring for the earth that nurtures us, the air we breathe and the water that helps us flourish" is their motto. They want to make all their products 100% recyclable in the future,  they say "choosing materials that can be recycled more efficiently is an ongoing effort." But considering they are at 98% they are doing quite well. 93% of all their waste is recycled and they also support projects like WeForest and The Hunger project.

This past week you have seen there are a variety of brands and products out there that are sustainable and earth friendly so regardless of what you are looking for there is most likely a sustainable and earth friendly option.

Writing for HerCampus is my favorite hobby! I also love musicals, aingibg and all things beauty including hair!
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