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October, among many things, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and midterm season. Here are some products to help you showcase your pink side and speed up your beauty routine. The only thing better than looking and feeling awesome is to do good at the same time!

In honor of breast cancer survivor/author Nalie Agustin and her newly released book, The Diary of Nalie: A Collection Of Life Lessons and Reflections Shared While Thriving Through Stage IV Cancer, Thrive Causemetics created the shade Nalie, a beautiful shimmery, vibrant chocolate brown that complements every eye color. Nalie is waterproof, goes on smooth, is long-lasting, and is easy to remove at the end of the day. Furthermore, for every liner that is purchased Thrive Causemetics will donate a liner and a book to charities; it’s a win-win!

 Le Mini Macaron, known for their all-in-one-gel polish, is donating 15% to Fighting Pretty with a purchase of their $20 Get The Bestistie duo (one berry & one peachy-pink).

Unwrapped Life, known for their environmentally-friendly hair products, created limited edition products in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can buy them together in The Booby Bundle and save 15%. In the bundle is The Hydrator Shampoo and Conditioner and a limited edition bar dish. If you are into essential oils you will love the hair products as they are saturated with the scents of juniper and palmarosa, known for their healing and calming benefits, all while leaving your hair moisturized. 50% of proceeds will be donated to ReThink Breast Cancer, a charity that educates, empowers, and advocates for people worldwide.

 After washing you need a good blow dry. You need to try BondiBoost’s Blowout Brush Pro. It dried my hair in ⅓ of the time it normally takes. The dual bristles kept my hair tangle-free and helped control frizz. There are three settings: cool, warm, and hot. I use the flat sides to dry my hair straight while I use the curve on the sides to angle my hair inward. With every purchase, they donate to Zambi Wildlife Retreat and Sanctuary, Westmead Children’s Hospital, and Mettle Women Inc.

Looking for pink eyeshadows? Check out Nomad Cosmetics Cartagena palette as it has some beautiful pink colors. They are all very vibrant and blend together easily.

Want a softer pink and whole palette in your pocket? Charlotte Tilbury’s Look of Love palette in Pretty Blushed Beauty has a beautiful pink shimmer, contouring shadows plus a highlighter, bronzer, and blush.

If you are using any of the above, you need to use brushes to avoid getting pink fingers! I highly recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s brushes which are all cruelty-free, soft, and high-quality. The Essential Eye Tools contain 3 brushes: a liner, smudger, and blender which help you apply and seamlessly blend shadows.

For the highlighter, bronzer and blush try the Powder and Sculpt brush which works exceptionally well on difficult places, such as the nose and cheeks, leaving you with an air-brushed look.

With allergy season here again you might find yourself with puffy eyes & dark circles. To remedy those, I tried two (of my now favorite) products: Kinship’s Brightwave Energizing and Brightening Eye Cream and the Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum from Charlotte Tilbury. I tried one on each undereye to gauge the results of each product and both impressed me immensely.

Kinship Brightwave Energizing and Brightening Eye Cream is a yellow under-eye cream that eliminates dark circles quickly. I saw results in a week. I simply applied a thin layer and patted/massaged it gently twice a day. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s Cryo-Recovery Serum gives you a cool, refreshing sensation. The fingerless applicator allows for easy, mess-free application. It reduced fine lines and puffy eyes making me look more awake. I saw results in a week. It’s worth every penny! They do recommend that you use it with their cryo-recovery mask which I’ve yet to try.

I hope some of the products above piqued your interest and helped you improve your beauty routine. 

Writing for HerCampus is my favorite hobby! I also love musicals, aingibg and all things beauty including hair!
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