Nomad Comestics' Palettes Transport You Around the Globe


How many of you wish you could travel abroad to go away and come back with suave and a sophisticated look that makes it obvious you have completely immersed yourself in the local culture? I know I do.

But just because we can't travel doesn't mean we can't have our looks and colors modeled after that country. Nomad cosmetics is a beauty brand that goes to countries all over the globe  and creates makeup based on their inspiration from the culture -- a dream job if I ever heard one! (P.S. Nomad, expect my resume)

Felicia Rintanen, one of the co-founders, explained how she draws inspiration from the countries she visit.

"The palette theme, colors, embossing, shade names and design is inspired while we are on location.  Each palette is based on what I am feeling and seeing while in a destination. It is the landmarks, the people, the food & drink, the language, the smells, the sounds, and of course the colors."  She went on to say that they she needs to be connected with a location in order to tell its story. 

"When there I am seeing what story each destination is telling and if I can bring that sense of a place and all its details to life in a palette." 

They have made palettes such as Tokyo, which is modeled after the Harajuku girls of Japan and fits very well with the pastel shadow trend. They have a deep golden and metallics modeled after Berlin and bright colors of Antilles inspired by the Caribbean, just to name a few.

They also include ingredients that are native to that specific area of the world. What I have noticed is that despite the multitude of pallets, there are a few things that are common to all their products: the colors themselves are soft to the touch, blendable and saturated with color even without using primer. The glitter shades from the Tokyo palette and the Antilles palette have little to no fall out without primer. 

The Antilles palette is the perfect rainbow palette. I am absolutely in love with Mahogany Bay, a peachish gold toned shadow and great on it's own, as a blending shadow or even a highlighter. The colors are infused with coconut oil which helps hydrate the skin. 

Now through the holidays they have free shipping and a free gift comes with every purchase. I don't know how long that promotion will last so I wouldn't wait. . The palettes are reasonably priced at around $37 and come with a mirror inside. They do have a special kit which contains 4 full sized palettes for $97.

Here are a few examples of looks I've put together from the Tykoyo and Antilles palette:


Swatches of the  Antilles palette