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No Hate, No Fear: Women’s March NYC 2018

“No hate, no fear! Immigrants are welcomed here!” cried the masses that gathered around Central Park on January 20, coming together for the highly anticipated first Women’s March of 2018. With posters held high and spirits even higher, people of all ages and identities made their way to the center of Manhattan, ready to raise their voices in solidarity with the women-led movement and stand up against systematic oppression and unbridled prejudice demonstrated by those in power today. For many, this was a resurgence of resistance – a comeback from the first Women’s March in January 2017 that was unprecedented in its turnout and support. For others, this was their first march. For all, this was a day of reckoning for injustice.

Beginning with a rally and a deeply moving speech about sexual assault by the 23-year-old singer Halsey in light of the #MeToo movement, galvanized protesters were ready to make history. The streets were alive with song and dance as the march gained strength, uniting more and more people of all backgrounds not only to fight for social change but to come together and celebrate life. Within minutes, people went from calling for President Trump’s impeachment to dancing together along to music from blaring speakers suspended from lampposts up above. A passionate mix of resistance, empowerment, and courage defined the march as it carried on for thirty blocks, becoming a sea of pink knit beanies and brightly colored posters that lined the streets as far as the eye could see.

A distinct feeling of resilience grew with every step marched among that electrifying crowd. It was a feeling I may never forget – to walk in the same steps countless brave women and their allies walked before me, changing the course of history as we know it, and to walk alongside so many courageous individuals that day with each their own stories to tell. Each person participating in that march had a purpose, for there is strength in numbers.

“To all the little girls watching right now, never doubt that you are valuable, powerful, and deserving of every chance in the world.”

The official mission of the Women’s March is “to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.” When we set our differences aside and unite to make a change, we could have the power to transform our world into one of true equality and opportunity for all. I strongly encourage anyone who feels passionately about something as this to get out there and help make the change you want to see happen. You’ll only regret not doing enough.                                                            


Paige Clarke

Stony Brook '20

Year: Junior Major: Journalism Minor: Digital Arts Hometown: Yonkers, NY
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