Nano DryFix Is the Holy Grail for Frizzy Hair

My hair has a tendency to get frizzy— and I'm not just talking like a little frizzy when it's really humid out. I'm talking about Mia Thermopolis frizzy. No matter what I did, the frizz stayed. Straightening irons, curling irons, hairspray nothing worked. So I tried another approach: products. I had gone up and down the aisles in drugstore Target and Ulta and tried just about every product that promised to keep hair frizz free or at least reduce it but the only thing the products did was empty out my bank account. I almost just about given up on my hair and came to terms that I will forever be plagued by frizz until I came across Nano DryFix products by Research in Beauty

Their products, like so many others, promise to repair and rejuvenate the hair. They even have an electron microscopic image of the hair before and after. However, what set Nano DryFix and Research in Beauty apart was the fact that they had a microscope with them at their booth/kiosk and I was able to see a split hair of my own go from being a split end to actually fuse the ends together with the macro therapy product. The fact that they were able to show the results that impressed me right then and there. Not many companies back up their products claims with live demos like that. Usually, companies will just promise it will do that and then try and get you to buy their products. 

My hair before using Nano DryFix

My first time using the Nano DryFix shampoo and conditioner I noticed it does have a strong odor but that didn't stay in my hair. I did notice that the order was stronger if I didn't blow dry my hair. The shampoo is clear and has a gel-like consistency. After using the shampoo I towel dried my hair and applied the conditioner, which is a cream, and let it sit five minutes.  I don't think five minutes ever felt so long as Nano DryFix was literally my last hope to tame my frizz. Once my hair dried, I was ecstatic since it reduced the frizz by about 85%. The top of my head was still slightly frizzy, I’d say it looked like baby frizz.  It was nowhere near how bad it was when I’d use other products/companies. If that's all it did, I would be hooked, but when I added the the Micro Therapy Treatment, Holy Hannah, I was in love because the results blew my mind. My hair dried smooth and 100% frizz free, as if I had used a straightening iron.  My hair was still frizz free 3 days later, despite the rain, when I re-washed it.  

I just have one dilemma left: what do I do with all the shampoo, conditioners and leave in treatments I have tried I quest for frizz-free hair because I found the Holy Grail of products for frizzy hair!