Long Distance Friendships Don't Suck (That Much)

One of the hardest things in the world is having your best friend go to college without you (my current best friend isn’t even that far since she goes to Columbia and I still never see her!). When I went to college, I made a lot of new friendships that I thought would never amount to anything close to the 14 years that I had with my best friend whose house is down the block from me. I was wrong.

Sure the 14 years together isn’t something to sneeze at; we've known each other since Kindergarten. But coming to college, I made a lot of close friends that I could never see my life without. Unfortunately, one of my close friends ended up transferring to college near LA at the end of my freshman year. I was super happy for her because I knew she wasn’t happy here at all and that it was a good opportunity for her, but I had mixed feelings because I really missed her.

In a weird twist of fate, we became closer. She would always want to know all the crazy drama, life updates about everyone and about all the boys in my life. Obviously, I wanted to know all the celebrities she met, clubs she got into, and how much better California was than New York.

In a really strange way, I think our friendship got stronger because she was so far away. We both counted the days until we saw each other over Winter Break (safe to say that a tear or two might have been spilled, but it was worth the wait). I guess the proverb that says “absence makes the heart grow fonder” really is true. All I know is that it’s been 96 days since I last saw her and I can’t wait for the month and a half to go by as soon as possible until I see her again!