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Living the Single (Room) Life: The Pros and Cons of Having a Single Dorm Room

Living with roommates is often considered an essential part of the quote-end-quote college experience.  Not only did I experience that during my first semester of college, but I also experienced living in a triple.  I was one of three people living in a dorm room built for two.  Needless to say, it felt a little crowded at times.  So, when I got the option to live in a single room, I jumped at the chance.  

Now, I live in a single room in Stony Brook’s highly anticipated and brand new Chavez Hall in Toll Drive.  Long story short, I love it and I never want to go back!  Having said that, living in a single room is not for everyone and, as with everything, there are definitely pros and cons.

Pro: Privacy, So Much Privacy!

If you want be alone, you are alone. It’s your room and if you want you can be the only one in there. Sometimes a college student needs alone time, whether it’s to get some valuable studying in or simply just to destress. A single room definitely comes in handy for that.

Con: Loneliness

One of the best parts of having a roommate is that there is always someone around who you can talk to, ask for advice, and just spend time with. When you’re alone, you can get kind of lonely.

Pro: Extra Space

The entire room is your’s.  There no need to share closet space, floor space, drawers, or anything else. If you’re like me and you consistently overpack for college, even when you try very hard not to, the extra space can become extra handy.

Con: It’s Expensive

Single rooms are almost always more expensive than double or triple rooms. Given how expensive college is already, not everyone can afford the extra expense of living in a single room. Having a roommate, as with life after college, can make a lot more financial sense.

Pro: Air ConditioningThis part may only be Stony Brook specific but the majority of single rooms at Stony Brook have air conditioning and the majority of double rooms do not. During August, September, and May, the dorm rooms can get VERY hot and VERY uncomfortable if there is no air conditioning.

Con: It’s Only for Juniors and Seniors

At Stony Brook, the class standing required to live in the single rooms at Toll Drive or the West Apartments is junior standing. That means that underclassmen have to wait before they can live there. It also means that if you are an upperclassman but your friends are underclassmen, you won’t be able to live next door to or share a suite with them.

Pro: No Roommate Horror Stories

We all hope that our roommates end up being amazingly wonderful friends. Personally, I’ve been pretty lucky in the roommate department. But, I know other people who, let’s just say, weren’t thrilled with their situations. When you live in a single room, you don’t have to worry about who your roommates are.For me, the pros outweighed the cons. I have never felt happier or more comfortable with a college living situation. I may be hyperbolizing but I find living in a single room in Chavez Hall analogous to living in a luxurious castle. Okay, I’m definitely hyperbolizing but you get my point!

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