Last Minute D.I.Y. Christmas Gifts

The beginning of December represents two things for the average college student: a fleeting breath of relieve that is immediately followed by stress jingled all the way through your last final. With all the finals you’re busy trying to ace who has the time to work any extra hours? Before you realize it, Christmas is here, and you have neither the time nor money to go Christmas shopping. So, where do you find your holiday spirit to prepare for all the gifts you have to find when it’s December 23?  Pinterest of course! Here’s some easy college budget approved gift ideas I found that don’t suck.


1. Jar of happinessA mason jar (or box) filled with hand-picked positive quotes, music lyrics, or jokes. This one is my personal favorite, and one that I’ve used before. It was so much fun to make, and my friend loved it! The idea behind it is to open it up whenever you are feeling down, stressed out, or are just in dire need of some positive vibes.


2. Bag of goodiesCreate a theme based of things your boyfriend or friend loves and customize a mason jar with little samples of those items.


3. Jewelry holding TrayThis is a great gift for yourself. JK. This jewelry holding tray is so expensive to make and can also be used to hold scented tea-light candles.


4.  Luminaries picture holderA fancy a picture frame. I’m obsessed with how this looks and may even try it out this year.


5. Personalized MugsFor your friend who loves her lazy Sunday mornings with a cute coffee mug and won’t have it any other way.


6. Home décorI love indoor plants! Make this for your hippie friend and throw in some healing crystals in there for good energy.


7. Bath bombsFor your friend who needs a self-care day. Nothing more relaxing than drinking your wine surrounded by pretty water.


8. Homemade candleWho needs bath and body works right? Make your friend their own candle and customize the vase or mason jar to something that’s unique and meaningful to them.


You can’t build Rome in a day, but you can definitely build Christmas in a day. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to make the best of the holiday season. I wish you all a happy holiday and hope these gifts inspired you. Have fun and be safe!