Kayla Keller: EIC of the Odyssey at Stony Brook

Name: Kayla Keller

Year: Junior

Major: Major in Linguistics, Minors in Writing & Rhetoric and English

Hometown: Yaphank, NY

What is The Odyssey Online? What position do you hold for Stony Brook’s chapter?

Kayla: "I am the Editor in Chief of Odyssey at Stony Brook and there is nothing I’m more passionate about right now. Odyssey is an online platform that allows all millennials to voice their opinions on current affairs in politics, culture, humanity, sports and so much more. Odyssey has content creators from all backgrounds and perspectives which allows readers to discover new and diverse opinions and ideas from thousands of writers in local communities around the world." 

How has being an Editor in Chief (EIC) changed your college experience?

Kayla: "Honestly, being the EIC is the most rewarding position I’ve had during my college career. I became EIC in October of 2016 but I had been writing with Odyssey since the previous April. As EIC, I took a team of only fourteen students in the beginning of the spring 2017 semester and grew it to thirty-three amazing content creators (and counting) in a little over two months. I’ve gained a lot of leadership experience as EIC from holding meetings, keeping the team on track and helping each individual revise their articles. If I never found my place with Odyssey, I never would have realized that I want to pursue a career in editing."

Do you have any advice that you would give somebody who isn’t actively seeking out leadership positions?

Kayla: "Don’t wait! Don’t be afraid to explore new clubs and organizations on SBLife or at the many involvement fairs during the semesters. Even if you aren’t immediately offered a leadership position with a club or organization, still join it, make new friends and have great experiences! Who knows, the next semester you might end up on the eboard!" 

What are some other things you’re involved in? How do you manage to stay on track with classes and extracurriculars?

Kayla: "In addition to being the EIC, I’m also a Junior Writer for Her Campus Stony Brook, a second-year Commuter Assistant, a research assistant in Phonetics, and I have a part-time job as a Student Assistant at the University President’s Office. Staying on track can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially when assignments start to build up. But through Commuter Assistant training, I’ve learned a lot about time management and I make daily to-do lists while making sure I have a decent amount of time at the end of the day to just relax." 

What’s one of the most fun events you’ve attended on campus?

Kayla: "I love the concerts! My favorite concert was probably Brookfest back in spring 2015 when Twenty One Pilots opened up for Panic! At the Disco. Anyone who knows me knows I love Twenty One Pilots with my entire mind, body, and soul so being in the same room as my favorite band was awesome." 

What makes you most proud to be a Seawolf?

Kayla: "I love the many opportunities provided for the students which provide us with leadership skills and so much more to succeed beyond our time at Stony Brook University. I also love the fact that this campus is so culturally diverse. The students here come from so many different backgrounds and it’s honestly beautiful to see us all come together to share ideas and perspectives whether in the classroom or campus community in general."