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Karen Espinoza of the SBU Basketball Managerial Team

Name: Karen Espinoza

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology (Switching into Athletic Training)

Hometown: Medford, NY

How did you get involved with joining the basketball managerial team?

Karen: “I was looking for an internship or volunteer opportunity on campus and I found an opening randomly for a managerial position. I am really interested in sports and working with athletes. I love basketball, it’s my favorite sport, so I love that I get to watch the game courtside. I’ve made good friends on the team and with the staff, so it really worked out for me. I also get to travel with the team, on occasion, which is a lot of fun.”

What else are you involved with on campus?

Karen: “I am currently on the field hockey club team and I wanted to join for fun. I really enjoy it even though I’ve never learned the rules or played competitively before. I also attend practices but don’t play competitively for the club soccer team. I like to be active and play sports with my friends, too” Karen, right, with her friends. 

Do you have any other interests outside of those endeavors?

Karen: “I volunteer at the Stony Brook Hospital, March of Dimes, and I sometimes work at a nursing home.” 

Favorite moment at Stony Brook so far?

 Karen: “Spending Homecoming with my all friends.” 

Journalism major and freshman Traveler, writer and photographer Lover of all things Paris
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