It’s Time to Create That Post-Pandemic Bucket List

It’s only been a few weeks into my remote semester at home and I’m officially over online learning. Sure, it’s a plus not having to forage the dining halls for edible food. And professors do offer us some quality entertainment as they struggle to keep pets from hogging the zoom camera. But nothing can replace the excitement of watching performances at Seawolves Showcase or the rush of chanting along with friends to “Go, Fight, Win” at evening basketball games.

Of course, we’re all wondering, when will this pandemic end?  The golden question that just doesn’t seem to have an answer. So, how do we cope with the looming uncertainty of the next few months (or years even? I hope not!)? Well, just like we all look forward to post-exam rewards, we need something to look forward to post-pandemic. Hence, the therapeutic bucket list.

So what’s on my list, you ask?

  1. 1. Going to an AJR Concert with my Best Friend

    people with their hands raised during a concert

    Just imagine. Thousands of fans in the same place ~sans masks~ singing along to the band’s greatest hits. I’m already getting goosebumps.

  2. 2. Traveling to India

    Jet Cloud Landing Aircraft

    I never thought I would be so eager to sit through that 14-hour plane ride just to see my cousins in person again!

  3. 3. Watching a Movie at AMC Loews

    movie theater with people

    Nothing like watching Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible action scenes on the big screen, surrounded by the massive speaker system.

  4. 4. Attending Parties

    Colorful lights and sparklers

    Graduations, birthdays, weddings...I can’t wait to congratulate my friends on these milestones with a big hug and celebrate with them on the dance floor!

  5. 5. A Trip to the City Via Train

    Man Person People Train

    There’s just something about listening to your favorite music as you take in the scenic route and chat with fellow commuters.

Go ahead, now it’s your turn. What’s on your therapeutic bucket list?