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Self care if often something that’s forgotten about in college. As students we don’t often make enough time for it, when it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves after a long, agonizing week of work. It gives us time to recharge and prevents crashing. But instead of hearing this message, we often hear about how should be more involved with work and clubs. Although it is good to be involved, I think it is important to remember to not stretch ourselves too thin. This message goes out specifically to those freshman who just entered college. Being involved is great, but you should remember to join a few clubs that you are truly passionate about, clubs that you see yourselves growing in. You may think I’m being extra and overdramatic, but I’m not. Although clubs are meant to be fun and relaxing, they’re also a way of setting up your future and testing out what you could be doing in the for a career. It’s a way of connecting with like minded people and networking over things you’re passionate about. Keeping this message in mind will only benefit you. College may seem like a long four years, but it is truly not. The road to graduation comes quicker than most of us care to admit. This is why it’s important to realize how you spend your time.

One of the ways I love keeping myself organized is by keeping a planner and google calendar updated with colors. They’re truly my lifesavers when I can’t think or remember what I need to do. It is important to have a system put in place now that you’re starting college. I used to make the mistake of not planning anything out and having piles of work to do each night. Do yourself the favor of having your stuff sorted. Building these habits now will set you up for a great four years of college and life post-grad.

Ashley Aquino

Stony Brook '22

Hello my name is Ashley! I'm currently a rising sophomore at Stony Brook University. I love coffee, rom-coms and sharing my experiences in college. You can follow my instagram @ashleya___ to keep up to date with me :) I'm always looking for new friends so feel free to say hi to me on campus.
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