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How to Style Flared Leggings for the Winter

Flared leggings are taking over social media. There is a heated debate about whether they are still called “yoga pants” or not. YouTuber ‘tiffanyferg’ has discussed the differences between the two terminologies based on location, generation, and of course, the iconic foldover waistband of mid-2000’s PINK yoga pants. 

Flared leggings started making a comeback on TikTok and then grew in popularity around the time when Emma Chamberlain began posting her wearing flared leggings on her Instagram, in October. 

Now, they are one of the hottest items in online winter hauls. However, the way we all wear them probably needs an update since the last time we put them on in 2010. 

First, choose a pair of flared leggings without the foldover top. While this was the best way to wear them in the early 2010s, the bold stripe of color will garner attention, and it ruins the lines of your figure with extra, unnecessary fabric, while also making it difficult to tuck things in. Go for high-waisted when possible, and solid, neutral colors; it’s a more modern way to pull off flared leggings. 

With tops, there is one of two ways to go: cozy, or cropped. Both are super cute, although Chamberlain usually chooses to go with a cozy, oversized crewneck. The lines of the flared leggings also look super cute with a mock neck or turtleneck sweater. For an extra flair, add a french tuck to your sweater to accent your waist a bit more. The oversized top and flare at the ankle will help create an hourglass shape if this is what you are looking for. For another look, try pairing the leggings with a simple crop top, like @olivebeeeee on TikTok. This way of styling is a bit more feminine and is less casual than a crewneck. 

The accessories that go along with these looks are a key part of styling the look. Shoes are the best part of rocking a pair of flared leggings. Try pairing them with a chunky or platform shoe, to accent the flare of the leggings. For a little bit of a 2000’s look, pair them with some short or mini uggs, which will also keep you warm on chilly, winter days. Throw on a puffer coat to stay warm and add an extra accent to the top of the outfit. 

The Lululemon flare leggings are very popular and can easily be found online. However, for those looking for a more sustainable way to style this look, check out thrift stores, or Bleusalt. This company has partnered up with Kaia Gerber to design a pair of flare leggings that are sustainable! The leggings are made of beechwood fibers and 20% of each purchase goes to the foundation, A Sense of Home, which supports foster kids who have “aged out” of the system–a worthwhile cause!

Julia is a freshman at Stony Brook University, studying journalism. In her free time, you can find her driving to the beach in her jeep, drinking matcha lattes and scrolling through pinterest. She loves a perfect blowout, face masks and the way the sun sparkles when it hits the ocean.
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