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How to Stay Cool When Your Dorm Has No Air-Conditioning

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

The first few weeks back at school are an exciting time for reuniting with friends, starting new classes, and settling into the dorm. While this should be enjoyable, it can be hard to stand it all when you’re being followed by an inescapable enemy: the heat. Living on campus has its perks, but when summer is still in full swing, a dorm without air conditioning becomes intolerable. Try your best to beat the heat with these tips!


Keep your window open and use a fan.

While in your room, keep the door and window open to create a cross breeze that will help to cool down your room. At night, position your fan as close to you as possible. In this weather, your favorite hobby will probably be sitting in front of your fan.

Spend time in buildings with A/C.

Even if it means getting up early just to escape your sweltering dorm, spending as little time as possible in your room will help. Most academic buildings have air-conditioning, so hide out in the library or Humanities atrium with some schoolwork for the day.


Take cold showers.

Many people love taking hot showers, but in oppressive heat, a cold shower will be your best friend. Take two showers a day. Maybe even three. Take all of the cold showers. Besides, no one wants to be sweating in the shower. Taking cold showers will cool you down, and it’s also better for your skin and hair.

Find a shady spot.

Sometimes, being outside in the shade can help you cool off if a breeze is flowing. Find a spot in the shade and settle in with a book. But be as still as possible. Maybe if you don’t exert yourself in any way, you’ll just be sticky instead of dripping in sweat.


Stay hydrated.

Drinking water won’t exactly make you feel cooler, but it will help you feel better inside. You will need to replenish the fluids you lose. If you are dehydrated, you may feel lightheaded or tired, which can be dangerous. Drinking something cold with electrolytes will boost your energy to beat the heat.

Living in a dorm without air-conditioning is a struggle, but it can be bearable if you find ways to evade the heat. Tip: stick to really dark or really light-colored clothing; don’t wear gray, your sweat will show right through it! If it’s any consolation, you’ll have a natural highlight and glowy skin with minimal effort. Good luck to everyone melting in their dorms, find the closest source of A/C you can, and stay cool!

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