How to Stay Awake in Class

You managed to make it on time to your 8 A.M. class, but as soon as the lesson starts your mind begins to drift, and your eyelids start getting heavy, and pretty soon you find yourself dozing off in the middle of class! We’ve all been there before, whether it’s because you were up till 3 am finishing up your assignment or it’s simply because you’re just not a morning person, and in your opinion (okay my personal opinion) 8 A.M. classes need to be illegal. Drowsiness is inevitable but falling asleep is totally preventable! Just follow these six easy tips.

1. Sit Up Straight

woman in pink dress working on laptop

Don’t slouch or allow yourself to get too comfortable in your seat. Instead, focus on your posture and your breathing.

2. Drink Water

Jar with lemon

We all know how important drinking water is, especially when you’re sleep deprived. The action of drinking water will distract your brain from remembering it wants to sleep and will keep you alert.

3. Sit in the Front

people sitting in chairs and taking notes

First and foremost, how embarrassing would it be to get caught by your professor sleeping in class? Imagine running the risk of being reminded of that all semester. That alone is a good enough reason to sit in the front row. But another reason for this is also because when you sit in the front you tend to be more engaged in what your professor is saying. You tend to take notes and focus more.

4. Snack


Bring something sweet to class like candy or your favorite fruit. A sugar rush might be sufficient enough to get you through class until you can nap or get caffeine, or both!

5. Coffee, then Nap

Sleepy girl in bed

According to a study done back in 2003 if you drink coffee right before a 20-minute nap, the energy boosts are much higher and efficient.

6. Take a bathroom break

There are doctors standing in the hallway of a hospital.

When all the above fails, take a five-minute break to stretch and walk the drowsiness off. Go to the bathroom, splash some water on your face and take three deep breaths.

Until 8 A.M classes are banned from existence, the procrastinators and late risers of the world are stuck with the age-old dilemma of sleep vs priorities. Best of luck!