How to Spend Your Fall in NYC

If there’s one thing I love about Fall, it’s roaming New York City. I’m absolutely obsessed with the changing leaves in Central Park, the crisp air and all the amazing things to do while exploring. Here are my Favorite things I love to do while the temperature starts to get cooler and sweater weather begins.

Get Hot Chocolate  Nothing says Fall like getting hot chocolate and walking the city. My favorite place to get hot chocolate is Jacques Torres, the famous chocolatier. I’ve probably ingested about 5 pounds of their take-home tin each fall season.

Go to a Baseball Game Whether you’re a Mets or Yankees fan, nothing says Fall like the start of baseball season. I don’t know very much about baseball but it’s always a blast to go and root for your favorite teams.

Eat White Truffles

I’m obsessed with truffles so much (unfortunately, I’m literally the only one in my family who likes them). White truffles are especially my favorite but they’re very seasonal (September to December) so when Fall rolls around, I make sure to eat as many as I possibly can.

Celebrate an NYC Halloween Going to Halloween in the city is such a cool thing, even the adults dress up with their kids! There are always parades, candy and fun activities all around the city, like eating candy apples and haunted houses.

See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Whether you’re watching it on TV or seeing it in person, the parade is one of the most city’s iconic events that millions around the country watch it! Everyone from famous singers, to the Rockettes, to Broadway stars, to huge Spongebob balloons make an appearance.

Attend the San Gennaro Feast I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much wait all year for the San Gennaro Feast. Fried Oreo’s, Zippoli’s, sausage and peppers, and all the Italian food you would ever need in your life in one place for an entire week. I literally could not think of anything better.

Spend a Couple of Hours in a Tea Room Nothing is more Fall than having a nice hot tea and dessert while sheltering from the cold. I especially love Laduree because it’s very Parisian and the waiters are very attentive. During the warmer days, they have an adorable outside courtyard which is absolutely stunning with the changing Fall leaves.