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Feeling lonely from studying by yourself lately? Getting bored facing the same wall every single day? Just like “eat with me” broadcasts (better known as mukbangs), study with me videos exist and are held to help you combat the loneliness and stress that comes from studying. Racking up millions of views on YouTube, the study with me community is more than simple videos with people on the other side of the screen. With video creators across the world, you can be studying virtually at different locations every day, or even every hour, as if you were actually there. Some even help you manage your time with set breaks, while others are filmed in real-time--beast productivity mode. At first glance, these videos may not seem effective, but allow me to share with you some of the tips that helped boost their effectiveness for me.


Discover your preferred type of videos.

Do you like music or rain playing in the background? Do you study better in one sitting, or with breaks, like the Pomodoro technique? Since you can choose from a myriad of videos, you should test out which ones can help you concentrate for a longer period of time. Start by acknowledging which ones boost your focus, while keeping you awake. In the midst of experimenting, think about the angles of how the videos are filmed as well. Some creators include stunning scenery, whereas others only have a view of their desks. Likewise, some videos can be a little more interactive and the person can actually be seen, while others are more anonymous where you can only see their hands. It’s all about experimenting, because a video that works for you may not work for someone else.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Occasionally, I would find a video that I was eager to use, but there would be no music! Since I study better with Lo-fi music playing in the background, I knew that the video with just pencil ASMR sounds would make me fall asleep rather than boost my productivity. However, this does not mean you should back out and spend another 10 minutes trying to find a good video. Instead, you can play the study with me video and have another tab open, playing music or any type of audio in the background. Don’t hesitate to use the volume settings to your advantage!


Have the video play on another screen.

Whether it is your phone, monitor, or laptop, make sure that the video is placed somewhere within your line of sight. When the video plays in the background and becomes lost in the sea of tabs, you will most likely forget about it, defeating its purpose. Make sure that the video is visible, so that you can occasionally glance over and gain a little boost of confidence from the person on the screen. When you see them working, you may not feel as enticed to procrastinate and lose focus.


Find someone you look up to.    

From medical professionals to college students, the spectrum lies above and beyond. Most likely, there will be someone holding a study with me video who shares similar interests as you, such as your major or dream occupation. If you are looking for a study buddy who specializes in computer science or attends a college that you admire, there are tons of options to choose from. As a pre-medical student, my personal favorite is MDprospect, because knowing that I am not alone in my path makes studying just a tiny bit more bearable. By finding someone who shares the same interests, you may feel more motivated, as you have someone to look up to.


If you are struggling during finals season, watching study with me videos may be just the little twist that you need to feel motivated again. From cafes to rainy days, they bring you a different studying location each time so that each day feels like a restart. When you feel burned out, try to use the virtual studying communities to help you find your focus as well. You may even find a favorite virtual study buddy or a new studying routine.

Jessica Li

Stony Brook '24

Jessica is a freshman at Stony Brook University majoring in biochemistry on the pre-dental track. She is all for spreading positivity and experimenting with different genres of music and forms of writing. In her free time, you can either find her writing, volunteering, or collecting new memes with a cup of iced coffee on the side.
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