Get Ready to DNCE at Brookfest 2017!

Photo courtesy of DNCE

Brookfest is one of Stony Brook's oldest traditions and this year, USG decided to bring international pop band DNCE to campus. I had the opportunity to speak with band member Jinjoo Lee just days before their Stony Brook gig.

One thing that JinJoo emphasises is how important it is for their fans to be themselves. DNCE's "look" was not a result of managers and record executives having a powwow about what would sell records, but rather something that came organically. Each band member has a unique look and style that is essentially who they are. When I asked JinJoo how she would describe her own style, she laughed and said her manager had told her that her style reminds them of a little hamster.

JinJoo invites SBU students to come to the show as themselves and in whatever they wanted to wear and be comfortable. In fact, the theme of people being themselves and having fun is how many things regarding the band developed. The reason they had formed the band is because they had known each other for nine years and wanted to have fun while travelling the world together. Having fun is also how they came up with the "Star Wars entrance" during their show that students will hopefully get to see on Sunday. JinJoo said to expect a "crazy live music house party" at Sunday's concert and that they are very excited to play their new single, Kissing Strangers.

JinJoo has a message for Stony Brook students getting pumped for their performance, "Thanks for everything and for the support and love. We can't wait to perform for you guys and have fun with you guys, so come check it out!"