Five Self-Love Quotes For All the Single Ladies

For any of those lovely couples out there, this past Valentine’s was likely a memorable one, filled with creative dinner dates and romantic gestures. But if you’re a gal flying solo, you may have spent the weekend sulking about your love life (or lack thereof), choosing to live vicariously through Peter and Lara Jean’s seemingly perfect shame, we all need a super cringe-y Netflix Rom-Com once in a while. If you’re still feeling trapped by those dreadful Valentine’s Day blues, I’ve got just the cure! Here are five of my favorite quotes by the pop industry’s ultimate self-love queen, Selena Gomez, featured in her latest album, Rare.

  1. 1. “Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?”  

    white flower

    Song: “Rare”

  2. 2. “No self-sabotage, no letting my thoughts run / Me and the spiral are done / Burn this camouflage I’ve been wearing for months / Tryna let a little happy in for once.”  

    Woman smiling

    Song: “Let Me Get Me”

  3. 3. “Up in the clouds, far from the crowds / I can’t believe I can be loud / Holdin’ hands with the darkness and knowin’ my heart is allowed.”

    Joshua Earle

    Song: “A Sweeter Place”

  4. 4. “Happiness/ Ain't something you sit back and you wait for/ Confidence/ Is throwing your heart through every brick wall.”

    Kayla Bacon-Carefree Fall 2

    Song: “Dance Again”

  5. 5. “She knows she’ll find love/ Only if she wants it.”

    Blonde Hair Blur Daylight Environment

    Song: “Look at Her Now”

Take it from Selena—there’s nothing more important than loving yourself first!