Five Black Women You Should Be Following On YouTube

YouTube can be a great place to find quality content- but only if you know where to look. It can also be difficult to find content from a wide range of perspectives, those of which you can relate to. Here are five YouTube accounts by black women that I’ve found and enjoyed. 


1.  ForHarriet

ForHarriet describes itself as the following: “an online community for women of African ancestry, we encourage women, through storytelling and journalism, to engage in candid, revelatory dialogue about the complexity of Black womanhood.” The channel is run by Kimberly Foster, a Harvard grad who was featured as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 list as building a community for black women through her websites. 

2. As Told By Kenya


As Told By Kenya is run by Kenya Wilson, an aspiring lawyer. She makes videos about pop culture and discusses these issues from her own unique perspective. She often puts pop culture news into a sociological or feminist perspective, and her videos have really opened my mind into viewing things from this perspective.  

3. Evelyn From The Internets

Evelyn is a Kenyan humor writer and digital storyteller based in Austin, Texas who makes a wide range of content. Her most recent videos range from an interview of the famous author Margaret Atwood, a vlog finishing her home decor, to an award-winning short film she wrote, produced, and co-starred in. 

4. StarPuppy

StarPuppy is the YouTube Channel of Danielle Glover, a visual artist and content creator who shares her own experience and advice as a young woman maneuvering her way through her 20s. One of my favorite videos on her channel is her “surviving your 20s” series where she discusses various aspects of making it through the precarious decade on which she discusses heartbreak, mental health, dating and relationships- issues that most 20-year-olds face. 

5. Quenlin Blackwell

If you don’t know who Quenlin Blackwell is, or at the very least recognize her face, you must have been living under a rock for at least the past two years. Blackwell has been the face of countless viral memes, videos and vines for the past couple of years. She is the zeitgeist of our generation- which in simpler terms means she’s a big mood. It’s impossible to watch her videos without laughing. 


Each of these YouTubers is creating their own unique brand of content, and if you check them out  you’re sure to find something you’ll like.