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Five Black TV Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

TV shows starring black actors and casts have been on the rise lately and I couldn’t be more proud. Seeing black actors in main roles other than minor stereotypical ones is important because it helps to change the common negative narrative of black people. And while TV shows are just a form of entertainment, it is also a creative platform to utilize in addressing many social issues. Being the TV show fanatic I am, here are five great engaging shows to binge watch ASAP:

1. Black-ish

Black-ish portrays a dynamic black family, dealing with family ups and downs in a comedic way. It touches on very important issues such as racial injustice and self-identity, as well as how black families deal with such realities.

2. Insecure

Co-created by Issa Rae who also stars in the show as herself, Insecure follows Issa and her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), as they navigate through the everyday flaws of their love relationships and careers. One of the best things about this show is the authentic friendship portrayed by Issa and Molly… and the very handsome men.​

3. Power

Power delves into the life of a man named James a.k.a Ghost (Omari Hardwick) who is living a double life. On one hand, Ghost owns a well-established nightclub in Manhattan, but on the other hand, he’s co-running one of the biggest drug empires in NYC. Ghost desperately wants to leave the drug game and focus solely on his nightclub, but unfortunately, he has to face a myriad of obstacles to do so, which only puts him and his loved ones in danger.

4. Empire

Empire is the best of both worlds– good music and a drama filled storyline. This show takes us a bit into the music industry as it follows Lucious Lyon, the CEO of Empire Entertainment, and his family– who all butt heads in their quest to be the next head of Empire. Each family member is willing to go to extreme lengths to be the next CEO of the family music company even if that means betraying each other, but in a weird twisted way, the family bond they share is like no other. Now and again, Empire also brings in celebrity guests making it even better. Past episodes featured celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg and Timbaland.

5. The Carmichael Show

I stumbled upon The Carmichael late this summer but I wish someone told me about it sooner. Co-created by Jerrod Carmichael who stars in it as himself, the show stars a young ambitious couple who move in together and are slowly figuring out their lives in this new phase of their romance. But with Jerrod’s super-religious mother, head-strong father and older brother heavily involved in not just his life but also his relationship, they’re forced to embrace a completely new reality of their relationship.​

Each of the shows mentioned above is exciting in its own way and are sure to have you laughing hysterically or perched at the edge of your seat with a major cliffhanger.


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