Five Best Crime Junkie Podcast Episodes to Listen to While in Quarantine

Since we have all this time on our hands let’s solve some mysteries why don’t we? I’m something of a true crime podcast fiend, but the podcast that got me hooked was Crime Junkie. I’ve compiled a list of five of the episodes that I found to be the most fascinating, riveting, and downright stupefying. If you’re new to true crime and want to find a place to start, look no further. 


1. MURDERED: The Powell Family 

Let me just make it clear that this is the kind of episode that sticks with you. I thought about this episode for days and it led me down a rabbit hole of more and more facts painting a picture of pure dysfunction within this family. When Susan Powell goes missing in early December of 2009, her husband, Josh almost immediately becomes the prime suspect with his convoluted stories and perceived apathy towards his wife’s disappearance. However, the more police dig up on the Powell family, the closer they seem to finally pinning down Josh with their evidence until tragedy strikes. If this case baffles you as much as it did me, I highly recommend Cold Podcast, which takes an even more thorough look into the lives of members of the Powell family.   


This episode is mainly on this list because of how close to home it hits-- literally. L.I.S.K stands for “Long Island Serial Killer” and if you are a student of Stony Brook University like myself, you may be aware that Stony Brook, NY is on Long Island. Not to mention that I distinctly remember the news coming out about this in the early 2010s. The disappearance of Shannan Gilbert brought a lot of attention, but when her search turned up multiple bodies on LI’s south shore, police realized that they were dealing with much more. This episode highlights multiple theories about potential killers and the possibility of two separate serial killers using the same dumping ground. Netflix also recently came out with the film Lost Girls about L.I.S.K. so you can use that as nightmare fuel as well. Good luck sleeping tonight my fellow Long Islanders. 

3. INFAMOUS: Darlie Routier (Part 1 & Part 2)

As mentioned in this episode, before there was Casey Anthony, there was Darlie Routier. Routier was accused of taking part in the death of her two young sons in 1996. However, all those who became aware of this case at the time appeared disinterested in looking into any suspect besides Darlie despite evidence that was suggesting otherwise. Then again, Darlie wasn’t helping her case much either when she hosted a birthday party at her sons’ graves. Take a listen and you be the judge!


Lynn Messer lived with her family on a sprawling 260-acre farm when she just one day up and vanished. It took two years before her remains were found on the edge of the family’s cow pasture, a plot of land frequently tended to by members of Lynn’s family. Was this a case of foul play? Why did it take so long to uncover Lynn’s body when she had never left the property and was found in an area that would have been searched many times over? What can we make of Lynn’s family’s strange behavior if anything? Once you finish listening to this episode, you can also hear host Ashley Flowers’ thoughts in this extra episode.

5. MISSING: Relisha Rudd // Unique Harris

Lastly, I included this episode to highlight the ways in which Crime Junkies seeks to bring attention to cases involving victims that often have their cases underrepresented in the media. These include cases involving people of color, people in the LGBT+ community, sex workers, and others. Relisha Rudd and Unique Harris are both stories of Black women who went missing and had their cases overlooked by the media and escaped the attention of police on too many occasions. True crime often hyper-focuses on the cases of young white middle-class women and Crime Junkies is doing their part to tell the stories of those who do not fall under that category.