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Craziest and Weirdest Moments That Happened On Bachelor In Paradise Season 5

We all have weird little addictions, those things that make us come back for more. Personally, my addiction is Reality T.V Love Shows. Shows like Love Island, Are You the One, and the entire Bachelor Franchise. My favorite? Bachelor in Paradise, full of love, passion, and over the top people. Here are some of the Weirdest and Craziest Moments that happened on this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise.


Shu is a WITCH?

Wells couldn’t have said it better, this season of paradise was a full on ‘Russian Witch Hunt’. Shushana came onto the show, expecting to leave with love, but instead she left with the titles of ‘European Trash’ and ‘Russian Witch’ bestowed on her by Kamil and Annalise. To say the least, calling her a witch might have been going a bit too far, but the girl couldn’t get the hint! He’s not interested!


JENNA!There are no words that can possibly describe Jenna. She is easly the loudest and more out there girl in all of Paradise. She came straight with a bang when she stole Jordan from Annalise. She cried a lot, laughed a lot and made Jordan throw a Bear Plushy in the ocean. What never made sense was her relationship with Benoit.  Speaking of Benoit…


Benoit: From HUNK to JUNKWho remembers the lovable hunk from The Bachelor Winter Games? No one? Okay, well he made an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, albite a really short one. In the time span of approximately less than a week, he managed to think Jenna was the one, curse out Jordan, break up with Jenna, move on to Chelsea, think Chelsea was the one, break up with Jenna AGAIN, and get dumped off the Island. Must have been one really long week… By the end of it he was having a mental break down and questioning why he was so unlovable (‘WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!’)


Tia and ColtonNow this one was a rollercoaster ride that ended in disaster. Tia and Colton both came on the show for each other, but left by themselves. What happened? Well, to put it simply, Colton doesn’t understand Colton. Tia was all but ready to give her heart to him completely and Colton thought he was too… Until he thought he wasn’t, and then until he thought he was again. Complicated? Yea. Even after getting into a relationship and making it official, Colton realized after a week, A WEEK, that no matter how hard he tried his heart just wasn’t in it with Tia and he ended up breaking it off. That of course broke Tia’s heart into tiny little pieces and both left Paradise immediately.


I know, hurt’s your head, doesn’t it? In the end, many of the couples did end up together and all ended good and well… Or not, because the Reunion was probably just as crazy as the show. So go watch it if you haven’t fulfilled your craving for crazy romantic love reality T.V!


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