Is The Cost of Prom Really Worth It?

Prom was definitely a night I’ll never forget. From trying to pick the perfect dress to figuring out what I was doing for after prom, prom was full of special moments. However, it definitely cost A LOT. I had never spent that much money for one event, but I definitely believe that it was worth it.



For my prom, I spent $520 on my dress, $60 on my prom ticket, $80 for the limo, $100 on hair and nails together and probably around $50 on other expenses, which sums up to around $800 for one event. After not having either a sweet sixteen or a quinceanera, I knew I wanted to go all out for prom. When I first realized the amount that I had spent, I was shocked, but when the day came around I truly forgot about it all because of the joy I was experiencing.


According to an article by The Guardian, a recent survey from Visa showed that the average US family plans to spend about $919 on a prom-going teen, with parents covering as much as 73% of the costs. While $919 is a lot of money, if you have it, I believe it’s worth it. Dressing up with your friends, taking pictures you’ll cherish forever, dancing the night away and ending your senior year with memories, makes it all worth it for sure.


I think the main reason why like me, many other teens have spent a good amount of money on prom is because it’s their one night to be fabulous. It’s the one night to feel like you’re on an episode of Gossip Girl, or like you’re a superstar. From posting your pictures on Instagram and Snapchat, to sharing them with your family on Facebook, it can be a nice feeling to feel as if you were walking down a runway.


In my opinion, I believe that every person should set a budget for themselves, so that they spend the amount they want. Prom season doesn’t mean go completely broke, but it can mean allow yourself to be exposed to some luxury. I mean you are commemorating an important time in your life, so why not go all out.


While you are in college now and may look back at the crazy amount of money you spent, just remind yourself that it was all worth it and you spent it all for a reason. If that prom dress is still sitting in your closet at home, then try selling it. Try to make the most out of your purchase.


Overall, I feel that the cost of prom is definitely worth it, and with planning and budgeting everything can be much easier. When people speak about prom, they usually say “It’s going to be a night to remember,” so as long as this is true for you, then it was all worth it.


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