Confessions of a Bibliophile

Have you ever just taken a trip to Barnes and Nobles and bought a book knowing full well that you already have a couple in your TBR back at home? If so, here’s a couple of more confessions you can possible relate to (don’t worry you’re not alone). 

  1. 1. Bookworms = Hoarders

    Guilty of still holding onto my ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ collection 

  2. 2. Finishing the chapter is more important than sleeping

    Just one chapter

  3. 3. It’s really annoying when people think we like to read textbooks too

    Umm, please stop embarrassing yourselves by saying that now. 

  4. 4. Nothing brings more joy that finally getting to read a sequel you’ve been waiting for more than a year. 

    When the pre-orders come in

  5. 5. Nosy and judgy

    If I see you reading a book, I will try to peep and see which one it is and it will be the most important impression I have of you (sorry not sorry)

  6. 6. Might or might not have skipped work to stay home and finish my book

    Also guilty of finishing a book in my car during lunch break

  7. 7. 3 books are enough for a two-day trip right? 


  8. 8. Yes, I’m 22 and yes I still shop at the young adult section

    Age is just a number

  9. 9. There’s always space

    Because paperback > ebooks

  10. 10. Yes, I’m guilty of all these and no I don’t regret it at all and neither should you

    First and forever love