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Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is the Magic Secret for Your Skin

Charlotte Tilbury is known for making products and makeup that give a flawless appearance. Now, they’ve added Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir to their skin care items. The serums are available in two sizes: a travel size and a full size

The site claims it will transform your skin into the perfect canvas, but in order to make your makeup look the best your skin needs to be prepared properly. What does that mean? Well, hydrated skin and even skin tone to start. However, the Magic Serum also advertises that it will also give your skin a better appearance in general such as those times when you don't wear makeup, which is a goal I am sure many people besides myself strive for. 

The elixir is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and smooth out  the appearance of skin. Many reviews said that they noticed that their pores look smaller, their skin was hydrated and their facial contours looked lifted, so I was really excited to see what results I would see on my own skin.  

What I noticed right off the bat is how creamy the elixir is. My skin drank up the serum like water. I noticed my skin was instantly more hydrated and as a result smoother. I can't stress how moisturizing the elixir is. I didn't realize how dry my skin was until after using this. This is perfect for summer when many peoples skin may be dehydrated due to consistent sun exposure or air conditioning. I also noticed that it did wonders for my pores. Just like the reviews stated- they looked a lot smaller. My skin felt softer and also had an extra glow. 

After applying the elixir I noticed that my foundation went on a lot smoother and blended easier than before I tried the elixir. After about a week I noticed how luminous and bright my skin looked just from adding the elixir to my skin care. After a month I noticed that my skin's tone was more even and there was less redness. My skin continued to be soft and smooth as well, which continued to allow a more even application of makeup. My skin looks brighter with a continued glow. 

I had gotten so happy with my skin that I stopped using the serum for a short time, but as I scaled back my skin care routine a bit, some redness started coming back. I noticed dullness in my skin tone and I had increased dryness. So I decided to add the serum back into my routine and I once again saw more moisture, less redness and my skin had more of a glow. Needless to say this product will continue to be a staple in my skin care routine as it's proved to be invaluable.

Two months in with continued use, the elixir has let me significantly cut down on other skin care products, which is great not only for my skin but my bank account as well. The elixir does what I used to use about three products or more for. I can't wait to see how much more my improves just by using the serum long term.

If you are looking for smoother and brighter skin as well as to smooth out any fine lines from worrying about school or work, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Elixir is definitely a product you need to check out!

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