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BondiBoost is a woman-owned Australian brand that has exploded in the US and worldwide thanks to the quality of its products.   

I came across BondiBoost during my research for hair growth products after an unfortunate haircut where the only way to even it out was to get a chin-length bob. Hair growth products are plentiful but after trying a variety of hair growth products I can say with certainty that BondiBoost’s HairGrowth (HG) line, which contains shampoo, conditioner, intensive spray, leave-in mask, and oil, is the most effective hair growth product I have ever tried. There is no residue or lasting scent. Their shampoo and conditioner have an amazing sweet peppermint smell. 

After I began using Bondi Boost’s Hair Growth Line, within a couple of weeks I did see a change in my hair. It was not only healthier, but hair also started to grow quickly– around two or so inches a month.  They have expanded their HG line to include hair growth vitamins, which I haven’t tried yet. But by using the other products in less than 20 months, my hair grew back to beyond my shoulders.

I have tried the lash and brow growth serum and I can say with the utmost honesty I have never seen a serum work this, well, fast. I haven’t used it for long, but my lashes and brows are thicker and longer. I saw a notable change in my lower lashes which look significantly fuller.  

BondiBoost also has a hair scrub with pink Himalayan salt (one of my favorite ingredients ever) and caffeine. Using a scrub is an important step in hair growth because if you have too much buildup on your scalp, products can’t reach your scalp to work effectively.

BondiBoost also has two hot tools: a waver and a Blowout Brush Pro. The Blowout Brush Pro is just about the best thing since sliced bread. Not only does it dry my hair fast–as in ¼ of the time it used to fast–but it also makes it so easy to get a professional blowout at home. If you’ve ever been to a salon, you’ve no doubt noticed how hairdressers use one hand for the hairdryer and one hand for a round brush. They wrap the hair around the brush then pull the hair straight alongside the hairdryer roll it back up and repeat. It’s just about impossible to do it on yourself at home and believe me, I’ve tried. But then I got the Blowout Brush Pro and it took me about three uses to get the hang of the rollout and pull movement but when I did- holy cow was it easy.

The brand has also expanded to contain the following products/lines: a repair line, curly hair, dandruff, blonde lines, and recently a line to improve the thickness of one’s hair and not to mention a myriad of leave-ins. They also have begun to release products to help control frizz and have said a frizz-free shampoo and conditioner is coming soon. If you are a dog owner they have a shampoo for your pup as well! 

With every purchase, they donate  $1 to the following non-for-profits: Zambi Wildlife Retreat and Sanctuary, and Westmead Children’s Hospital, Mettle Women Inc. They also donate to causes that “require immediate funding, such as the Australian bushfires,” according to BondiBoost’s website. Overall, BondiBoost is a company I can get behind because of its quality product and the good it is doing for the world.

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