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Beboe Therapies is a brand that is focused on safe ingredients and is changing how CBD is used in beauty products. They are focused on providing high concentration of CBD in their products and combining it with other beneficial skin care ingredients. 


Behind the brand:

The brand was named after co-founder Scott Campbell’s grandmother, Be Boe. Campbell’s saw firsthand the benefits cannabis can have when his grandmother made brownies for his mother who was going through cancer. 

 “In appreciation for all that she did, we started Beboe to carry on what she started, offering our customers that same warmth and love through our reverence for this life-changing ingredient,” the company states on their website.

They have four skin care products so far including sheet masks, a serum, a body balm and face cream. All contain high concentration of CBD with a mixture of ingredients that are focused to help not only your skin but also include ingredients such as lavender to help relax. They are paraben-free, silicone-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free with no synthetic-fragrances or dyes. Their ingredients are vegan, and free of mineral and palm oil. Take a look at our video on the products: 

I have looked into and tried many CBD skin products and what I noticed right off the bat from Beboe is the smell, or lack thereof. Many other companies have a tendency to smell like cannabis or have some sort of strong fragrance. Beobe Therapy products in general do not have a strong fragrance or leave you smelling like cannabis which is great because no one likes smelling like that especially when you have to go to work or school or basically anywhere where people can smell and judge you. Although most of their products have a slight fragrance, it isn’t potent. The sent fades fairly fast which makes the brand great for those who are sensitive to certain scents. The products come in thick sturdy boxes that are great for storing the product when not in use. 


The products:

The high potency body balm: The body balm is made for aches, pains and sore muscles. It contains 750mg of CBD. As I mentioned, I have tried a lot of different CBD products, especially those targeted towards pain and sore muscles I found that Boebe body balm has the best results; it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. A little goes a long way so one jar can last a long time. They need a travel size or a roll-on version! I love this so much, I’ve been putting some in a travel jar to carry in my bag. 

High Potency CBD Face Cream

This face cream is different than other CBD creams. First off, its specifically made for the face. Many companies just have general serums or general body creams that don’t address issues for the face such as brightening, firming and balancing. This can be used like a regular moisturizer. There is no oily residue as it absorbs quickly and makes a great base for primer. The cream contains 250mg of CBD.

The high potency CBD serum: serums are some of the most common CBD products out there. This product is the most fragrant of them all, however it still doesn’t have that potent cannabis scent. Instead it has earth tones and lavender and the scents fade fairly quickly. Unlike other oils and serums this doesn’t sit on the skin, it is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the skin. Instead it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth; it was so smooth I had to tell myself to stop touching my face. It contains 300mg of CBD.

The High Potency CBD Sheet Mask: There are two options available for the high potency CBD sheet mask, you can buy a single mask or a pack of five.. The face mask is easy to use and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It leaves my skin feeling soft and whatever is left over on my face I gently pat in and it is absorbed quickly. There is 50mg of CBD per sheet mask. 


I found Beobe to be one of the best cannabis brands out there. Their products provide not only the relief of CBD but multiple other beneficial ingredients for the skin. You can look up their products to shop online at BEBOE Therapies’ website  or at Nordstrom.

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