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Beauty Products to Revamp Your Routine for the New School Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

This past Spring and Summer has been stressful but revamping your beauty products to coincide with the start of a new school year is a great way to start anew. With that idea in mind I searched and found some must haves, interesting new products, fun products as well as an old cult classic for you to check out. Here are some fun and interesting things I’ve come across so far!


 California Mango is a California based company whose products smell goloriously like, you guessed it mangos! Their hand Micro Antiseptic Spray Hand Sanitizer is a must have! Not only does it help get rid of bacteria but it also smells like a mix of coconut and mangoes. These aromas make you feel like you are on a tropical island any where you’re located.

Cricket hair tools and products must have products are Coconut and Keratin Infused as well as Argan and Olive oils and Keratin protein. My favorite is the Ulta Smooth Coconut Detangler Comb.  The brushes/combs leave no residue on your hands. If ponytails are your go to, check out the Static Free Ponytail Pro Brush that has a comb in one side, a brush on the other with a built in pony tail holder in the handle so you can easily access everything you need.If you are doing at home hair cuts Cricket has a line of sheers called Shear Xpressions. The scissors come in a variety of colors and are sold at Sally’s. The sheers handle and cut like a dream. These are great to have in case your stylist requires you to bring your own tools.


Kitsch has some great products to make your room the ultimate spa destination. I am in love with their Satin Sleep Set, which contains a pillowcase, a face mask and scrunchie all in satin. Not only does sleeping on satin make anyone feel like royalty but I noticed a difference in my hair and skin immediately. My hair wasn’t so frizzy and it felt softer. My skin was clearer as well! They also have Microfiber Scrunchies for after a shower, bath or pool. It soaks up the water like no microfiber towel I have ever tried. My hair dried twice, almost three times as fast! They also have some glamorous accessories from their Justine Marjan collaboration. The Kitsch x Justine collection includes rhinestone bobby pins with words like ‘glam,’ ‘queen’ and ‘vote.’ These are perfect ways to add some glam for zoom calls and make a statement like vote without having to say a word.

Lunata has amazing wireless hair care tool:  Flat Iron Styler Plus +  and a wireless curling iron. It takes three hours to charge them up and if you use them on the highest heat setting of 450 it will last for 45 min! The tools are very effective and made styling my hair quicker than normal for me so one full charge lasted me a few days on both! lt is great to keep in the car too or next to to your bed. So no matter where you are before a virtual meeting, you can easily touch up your hair without searching for an outlet. They also have a complete at home hair cut kit called Groom Me Hair Cutting Kit. It is  complete with clips, combs and two different types of sheets, one regular and one thinning sheers. This is great to do your own hair cut with or even snip-off some split ends.

If you are never sure of what temperature to use on your hair or often have hair that is too hot to handle- literally like your hair is too hot to touch after using an iron- you may want to look into into GHD Platinum Plus Styler. It contains technology that allows it to adjust to the temperature your hair needs. 

If you are looking for a rotating curler Beachwaver is your go to. They have multiple sizes available from .75, 1 inch and 1.25 inch. It is very easy to use. You can rotate left or right as well as control the heat. The temperature ranges from about 290°F to 410°F. To curl your hair you just have to press a button. If you want to get curls/waves without the heat ie braiding/twisting your hair I have found that their Braid Balm, which you put in your hair ahead of time, gives the the waves/curls great definition and hold. My hair was also very soft and full of moisture after using the balm. Their ‘Make Waves’ line includes a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which is a must have if your locks are dried out! If you have extensions Matrix teamed up with Bellami, known for their extensions to create a line including a great leave-in hair treatment to protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees and reduce drying time. These products are designed to clean and condition your scalp without compromising the extension’s glue. Biolage has some amazing products my favorite is the Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Spray. I cannot get enough of the smell, it is great to help control frizz, I love to use it as a refresher for my hair.

If you are using this time to grow out your hair there are many items and products on the market. One of the best I have come across is Hairburst. They make a variety of products. Their hair care products are formulated to work together to grow longer hair faster with their vitamins and leave-in Volume and Growth Elixir. Their shampoo and conditioner are sold as a set. It is vegan friendly and I saw an immediate change in my hair. It was softer and more manigable in geneal and I also saw, as advised  some growth. They also have a great Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum. This one is absolutely amazing. I saw amazing results with this very quickly and my brows are now the fullest they have ever been. 

If your hair is dry and in need of a lot of moisture check out Beachwaver’s Good Vibes set;  a moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. It is an Oprah magazine award winning item. It is very moisturizing and It left my hair smooth, and silky soft that helped controlled my frizz. It also contains a bond multiplier to help strengthen the hair and it smells like vanilla and coconut!   

Maria Nila launched a new line called Eco Therapy Revive with three detoxifying products that are  not just healthy and safe for all hair but for the environment as well. The line consists of shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. The products contain ingredients such as aloe vera, linseed and botanical proteins. They are also sustainable so it is a win-win.

If you want to dye your hair but don’t want to risk messing up your hair Good Dye Young (GDY) has a great product called Poser Paste. Their hair paste is temporary and washes out. This makes it great for the whole family to try and you can combine colors for different ombre and designs. Depending on the color(s) you use and your base color it might take more than one wash to come out.

The popular nude/rainbow manicure  is an easy look to achieve at home! I love to use a brand called Orosa. What really stood out to me was how evenly the polishes applied. It is actually the easiest application I have ever had! The colors are diverse and vibrant. The polish also dried very quickly. 

If you want to add a colorful look to your makeup collection, Nomad Cosmetic has the collection for you! Their Studio 54 makeup collection is caffeine infused and are free of gluten, talc and parabans. The Discoshadow Palette is a great way to blend shadows together, or wear alone. The colors include: ‘I’m Coming Out’ (hot pink to lavender shift,) ‘Last Dance’ (blue to silver shift,) ‘Got to be Real’ (silver to a light green shift,) and ‘Le Freak’ (yellow gold to pink.) The eyeshadows are smooth and blendable. They are certified by PETA are cruelty free and vegan.  If you want to add that colorshift to your highlighter they have two highlighters in the collection, Hot Shot, which is a shimmery pink. I love to combine Hot Shot with the gold-shifting Disco Nights. They also released their Orient Express Palette with has a variety of colors and shades ranging from brights to lights with a mix of shimmers and mattes. The palette contians most colors that you would need to complete any look whether it be for day, night, or sunday brunch! 

If you have ever wanted a grill like your favorite rapper or have some fun with your teeth I mean nothing says summer like red white and blue teeth right? No. I’m not joking! In fact. it is a lot easier than you’d think. CHRŌM Toothpolish is a new brand that is makeup for teeth basically. There are a variety of colors including the classic white, as well as pastel pink, gold and silver and even one that glows with a black light! It is safe to use on dental work and it doesn’t come off with brushing your teeth so you don’t have to worry about eating either. To remove the product it chips off, and even the chipped look can look pretty cool.

Summer can wreck havoc on skin but Tata Harper has the most amazing mask called the BHA resurfacing mask. It left my skin with the most amazing glow. It felt refreshed and healthy. It also shrank my pores!! Their Illuminating Eye Creme is amazing especially for a natural but noticeable glow, that should come as no surprise considering it contains diamond dust. I love to use it on my cheek bones as well as under my eyes. The glow is buildable so you can go from a slight glow to a bright highlighter. 

If you are looking for something 100 percent organic and completely different to try, Elina Organics Sahara Souffle Mask is a face mask made from camel’s milk. It has tons of vitamins including C,D, as well as AHA. Camel milk is said to help protect the skin from free radicals as well as to help your skin produce collagen.

Marylin Monroe is an ionic beauty and her favorite skin care brand just re-released a cult classic: their original Shake-It Tinted Treatment  that Marylin used as well as the and Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream. The 3-9 repair serum, which is absolutely amazing and smells like raspberries. The product does an amazing job of balancing the skin just after the first use. My skin tone looked more even and it helped with dry spots. 

We can’t forget about nails, Daily Charme has a product called Unichrome, a rub on chrome powder,  which when applied on top of a non white gel top coat creates a beautiful, shiny chrome version of the gel polish you are wearing.

It’s clear this fall we will be on our electronics more than ever. Prolonged use of devices such as computers, tablets and phones are know to cause headaches, migraines and eye strain.    Theraspecs has been the most effective blue light glasses I’ve tried in helping with all of the above. Thereaspecs has 10 different styles including ones that fit over your prescription glasses with many having a choice of color to choose from. It is also possible to get the glasses in your prescription.  The glasses filter out 80 percent of the blue light wavelengths from florescent lights, mobile devices and computer screens that are shown to cause pain and headaches. I found them to be really effective and comfortable. I noticed it definitely helped me with eye strain.

If you are looking for essential oils CHI recently came out with a line of Egyptian Aromatherapy and Oils. They have everything from lavender to jojoba oil. You can also use some of the oils on your hair and skin. I love combining their Jojoba Oil with their Sweet Almond Oil for over use including the face. I saw results overnight with my face. There were zero breakouts and it seemed to even help out my skin with irritation.

Nothing says summer like chilling out and nothing is more chill than than CBD. These products have been flooding the market. Sugar & Kush has the best tasting products I have ever tried. They are also planning to release a line of skin care. 

If you are looking for some more bath treats, Nectar Bath Treats, a Las Vegas based company is dedicated towards the ultimate bath experience. They have all different sorts of bath treats such as bath bombs and scrubs. They also have hand sanitizers for sale. In addition to being cruelty-free and eco-friendly, they are made with aloe vera and have 70 percent alcohol.

I love writing about beauty, entertainment, fashion and accessories and more. I love musicals, singing, movies and all things beauty including hair! I've acted in movies, sung opera and won pageants. I also write fiction and many of my stories have been featured in anthologies.
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