Beauty Blender Who?

No shade no shade! I don’t hate the Beauty Blender! In fact, I have two of them in my whole collection of sponges and they are amazing. Of course, I mean...they are the top-selling sponge in the makeup industry. I watch countless of makeup videos featuring the beauty blender in multiple different colors down to the mini blenders. 

However, people are seriously sleeping on cushion foundation sponges. Bless up to the Korean beauty industry for introducing the world to these sponges because they are amazing! This isn’t old news either, one of my best friends prefers this sponge to her beauty blenders, but I had yet to try it and experience the magic. My cushion sponge came from the Wet n Wild Cushion Collection. 

This weekend I grabbed a few foundation samples from Sephora and thought it would be helpful to see which sponge works for my skin. This winter my skin has been so dry in some places and for some reason, the Beauty Blender kept showing texture and made my face look cakey. Shocker, I know, the Beauty Blender doesn’t normally do that to many people. I wasn’t even about to grab a foundation brush either cause that would’ve made the situation worse. So, I decided to see if this cushion sponge worked well with other foundations aside from BB creams and oh my god I looked FLAWLESS. Every pore, bump, texture and dry patches were gone and smoothed out. This was used with my heaviest foundation and it made it feel lightweight which is such a huge plus for me. I love my coverage, but I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing 10 pounds so this had me shook, and it was easy to build up too! When compared to the beauty blender side my texture was so bad I swear I could see my pores waving hello! It sucks because I love my Beauty Blender, but maybe I just found something way better. 

I definitely recommend everyone to try this sponge out for a smooth base to work on. My contour, blush and highlight went on like a dream. Truly an awesome sponge to work with. I believe this sponge could actually work for all skin types, it’s just the matter of playing around with it and trying it! As for someone who struggles with dry skin and oily at the same time this definitely gave me one of the best makeup days ever.