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9 Stages of Getting a Facial Piercing

In this day and age it’s hard to walk around without seeing someone with a piercing. With everyone who has a facial piercing rocking one with confidence, it’s hard to not consider what you yourself would look like with one. If you’re considering getting one (or are aiming to get more) then these are the emotions you’re likely to feel on your way to piercing perfection. 

1. Insta Envy

No matter where you look on Instagram you see all different kinds of people posting pictures of their piercings. Be it septum or lip rings or a Monroe piercing, each and everyone looks amazing. Eventually all this pining over the grams will make you want to take the plunge and get one too.

2. Studying Your Face 

So now that you’ve made up your mind to get a piercing, the next big step is to figure out what kind you want. There are so many kinds of piercing depending if you want a nose or lip piercing. That means spending more hours than you probably should imaging where you’d like to stick a piece of metal in your face. And although it sounds unnecessary to spend that much time contemplating what to get and where, it actually matters more than you think. You’re about to put a hole in your face that could potentially be there for the rest of your life. So there is a lot to consider before going under the needle. 

3. Researching Shops After finding the perfect piercing the next step is to find the right shop for you. Something to be aware of is if a shop is certified with the Association of Professional Piercers. Shops that are certified have to uphold certain health and safety standards which is good for you in the long run to avoid your piercing from getting infected. Also it’s recommended you call around to shops if they don’t have a piercing list on their website because not all shops can or will do they piercing you want. 

4. Going to the Shop This is probably the scathed step of them all. Physically making your way to the shop to get the piercing. On your way there you might start to feel panicked and worried if something goes wrong. This is the optimal time to back out, however you know it’ll be worth sucking it up and going through with it. 

5. Bracing the Needle

If going to the shop is the scariest part, the actual piercing is hands down the second scariest. After you’ve picked out your jewelry and the piercer has sterilized the area, it finally hits you that you’re seconds away from no turning back. If possible look away because the sight of the needle might make you want to jerk away which will cause a piercing mishap. 

6. Shock & Awe

Once the needle makes it through your skin and the piercer secures your jewelry you’ll finally have a chance to look in the mirror. This is the first moment you get to see yourself with your new facial piercing. The feeling of amazement is alive and teal in that moment. It’s hard to process that this piece of metal is now part of your face. It’s even harder to process how oddly natural it looks, as if you’ve had it your entire life. 

7. Pain

After staring at yourself for a few seconds (or minutes in some cases) the pain finally registers in your head. It also registers you stuck a needle through a part of your body and it really, really hurts. Come to think of it, you basically stabbed yourself for cosmetic advancement. 

8. Panic & Worry

With all these thoughts about the pain you might start to panic. Especially when the piercer begins discussing aftercare with you. All these thoughts start swirling in your head regarding keeping it clean and free of infection. You might start to panic about maintaining the piercing and even wonder if you made a mistake in doing this. The best thing to do is relax because you know you’ve got this and you will take care of your piercing likes it’s your newborn baby. 
9. Selfies Galore

And just like parents do when they have a child, it’s time for you to post pictures of the newest addition to your face. That means posting selfies anywhere and everywhere you can. However you might want to wait for any possible redness and swelling to go down first. After that feel free to take as many selfies as you want and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Remember you rock and so does your piercing.

Sophomore English and Women's and Gender Studies double major at Stony Brook University.
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