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8 Thoughts During Your 8AM Class

As much as we try to avoid it, we have all been there. The dreaded 8AM class. Whether it’s Microbiology, Business Operations, or Theatre 102, there is nothing that can bring the slightest joy to being awake before 10:00AM. I mean, come on, the sun just rose an hour and a half ago and don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure the birds are still sleeping. And when I say birds I really mean the local campus geese.

Regardless, you have to go, probably because it is some DEC you forgot to take and need to graduate. So you put on your comfiest leggings, throw on some mascara to look as close to human as possible, and grab a Trenta Starbucks ice coffee. Make sure to caffeinate yourself because this will for sure be the longest and most exhausted hour and a half of your day. And just so you feel a little better about yourself, I am here to let you know we all have the same 8AM class thoughts. Yes, it is okay that you are sleeping with your eyes open, but here are a few more things everyone with an 8AM has once thought.
1. I should have gotten a bigger coffee. Actually as soon as this class is over, I am going to get another coffee. 

2. Ugh, this coffee is definitely decaf. I could fall asleep at any moment.

3. I am way too dressed up for this class. Are leggings and a cardigan too dressed up? I guess so, since that kid over there is in his PJs. Oh well, I am slaying in these leggings.
4. Did I have homework for my next class? I better check the syllabus…*has mini-heart attack and checks Blackboard frantically* Whew, dodged that bullet.

5. This kid in front of me got way too much sleep last night. It is way too early to be answering all these questions. Can we be less excited about math this early? And on that note, Professor please stop asking the class questions, we rolled out of bed to be here, participation is too much right now.

6. Only four and a half more hours until I can take a nap. I shall begin my countdown now.

7. I should have went to bed earlier. I am going to bed at 10 tonight. Who am I kidding? The Bachelor is on until 11. Okay, but right after The Bachelor it is bed time…
8. I am never taking an 8AM class again. 

Coffee Lover, Professional Sarcasm Detector, Biotechnology Marketing Coordinator, Dancer, Part-Time Humanitarian. Just sharing the thoughts I know every 20-something gal has.
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