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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The One Chicago Universe

Between all the new shows coming out on T.V. and all the old ones that have been out for years, it’s hard to find a good series to binge watch, especially one that interests you. Well, here is not one, but a combination of three series to binge watch. The One Chicago Universe is comprised of three action-packed shows; Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D and Chicago Med. Here are 5 reasons why you need to watch the One Chicago Universe. 

1. All the shows are interconnected.

All three shows connect together in a way that makes it seem like this really does take place in one city, Chicago. For example, if there is a fire-related case in Chicago P.D, there is a good chance you will see the firefighters from Chicago Fire there. No character is set to appear in only one show, and crossovers happen very often. The universe even connects to Law and Order: SVU in a series of amazing crossovers.

2. The cast is very attractive.

All three shows have an incredibly attractive cast, female and male. If you want to watch a show that supplies plenty of eye candy, then I suggest you check out One Chicago, because it gets quite hot and steamy.

3. There is a badass female cast.

Have you seen those shows where the female leads are portrayed as damsels in distress? Well, One Chicago is not that show. The female cast can hold their own against the whole male cast and look quite badass while doing it. The male leads definitely know not to get on their bad side.

4. There is no limit to the amount of action.

Most of the heavy action scenes happen on Chicago P.D, but Chicago Fire and even Chicago Med have action scenes that will have you sitting at the edge of your seats wondering what is going to happen next.

5. It’s one of the few great first responder shows on T.V.

Let’s be honest, there are very few, if any shows about first responders on television right now. Yes, there are detective shows and medical shows, but where have you seen a show dedicated to firefighters and EMT like Chicago Fire is? Even Chicago P.D and Chicago Med are different from other shows in their genre and show a different side to both detective dramas and medical dramas.

By now, you should be sitting on your computer, looking up the One Chicago Universe. If you aren’t, then do it, because you will not be disappointed. This franchise is so influential and inspirational that it needs more recognition because it is one of the best franchises out there. Now close this, and go watch the shows. You won’t regret it.


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