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5 Reasons to Go Into a STEM Major

  1. STEM encompasses many different disciplines that can be applied to many different aspects of life.

Biology and chemistry majors are almost all trying to become doctors or other medical professionals, while civil engineers ensure that bridges and tunnels will be able to function properly. If you enjoy math, you can major in mathematics or a field such as computer science that uses math to solve everyday problems and create useful technology.

2. All areas of STEM help people in one way or another.

Many people say that their main goal in life is to help others, and through STEM, people can use their brain-power to help others by solving complicated everyday problems. As in the first reason, each field has its own societal purpose and can be used to benefit the lives of others.

3. You will learn skills that you can apply to other areas

All STEM fields relate to one another and learning one can help you with another. However, you can also use this knowledge in other parts of your life, such as using your heightened math abilities to quickly calculate real-life math problems

4. STEM majors are almost always in demand in the workforce.

Not many people go into STEM because it is very difficult. If you are able to learn a STEM field, you will become much more desirable to potential employers, regardless of their looking in your field or not.

5. It is fulfilling to make something or solve something

People who like puzzles will understand the satisfaction that comes with using your mind to solve problems and create new things. With a STEM major, your job is to do just that and to use your brain both creatively and analytically at the same time to come up with an efficient answer.

My name is Shannon Connors and I am a 3rd year English major at Stony Brook. My favorite things are coffee, dogs, and Netflix.
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