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5 Nail Trends To Try For Fall

Time to get those manicures vibing for the fall season; whether they channel spooky feelings or cozy tones, a perfect fall mani will be the best accessory for every fall fit. Remember that your manicure and pedicure are always an extra way to express yourself and incorporate trends into your everyday life. 

  1. All the shades of orange – It’s pumpkin spice season; channel this vibrant color and its cozy, yet invigorating shades into your manicure. For a basic orange, try Olive and June’s “You’re a 10” a juicy tangerine shade, OPI’s “Suzi Needs a Loch Smith” for a copper kissed orange, or Essie’s “Let It Slide”, a muted burnt orange. Add a little sparkle to your fingertips with a metallic orange shade like Sally Hansen’s “Sundown Socialite”, ORLY’s “Valley of Fire,” or Expressie’s “Misfit Right In”. For trendy orange mani looks, try a different shade of orange on each nail, or bold orange french tips on a simple nude shade.
  2. Nails that go BOO  – The cutest nail trend for spooky season is tiny ghosts on each nail. This simple design adds friendly ghosts to your look. Start with a nude shade like Essie’s “Topless and Barefoot”, then use a shade of pure white like OPI’s “Alpine Snow” to add swirly ghost shaped forms on your nails. Add black dots for eyes using a shade like OPI’s “Black Onyx”, and now your little ghosties will be at the tips of your fingers whenever you need a friend. For a sleeker look, start with a french tip and swirl the tip out to add the ghost to the classic white tip. 
  3. Halloweeny Details  – For a spooky detail, add some creepy cobwebs to your nails! Start with a nude shade like Olive and June’s “MM” and add some black cobwebs down the nail from the cuticle in a dark shade like Essie’s “Licorice”. Another fun and creepy design is french tips with stitches painted on, which give major Jack Skellington vibes! To mattify your “Nightmare Before Christmas” nails, add OPI’s Matte Top coat. For nails that will make everyone scream, try bloody nails. Start with a white base like  “Blanc” by Essie and add red droplets in shades like OPI’s “Big Apple Red” for a bright red, or Essie’s “Bordeaux” for a darker shade.
  4. Nude and Neutrals  – Nail details in shades of nude and shades of brown are everywhere this fall. Be creative with your nail art when working with a monochromatic nude and neutral look. Try wavy details in complementary and mellow shades of brown. Start with a nude or clear base and make waves with shades like ORLY’s “Canyon Clay”, which is a russet brown creme color, OPI’s “Linger over Coffee”, a java brown, Essie’s “Cliff Hanger”, a milky brown nude cream, and 786’s “Tuscany”, a burnt sienna shade with red undertones.
  5. 90s Baby – The ‘90s & Y2K trends are everywhere this fall, so add them to your fingertips. Try a checkerboard pattern in coordinating shades of pink and purple using ORLY’s “Just Breathe” for a lavender shade or OPI’s “You’re Such a BudaPest” for a subtle periwinkle shade. Pair this with pink shades like Olive and June’s “Wild Orchid” for a bold pink or OPI’s “Aurora Berry-alis” for a fuschia color. On another nail, try a yin and yang design with shades of creamy off-white and a mellow brown. Try shades of brown like “Over the Taupe” by OPI for a chocolate brown, or “Take The Espresso” by Expressie for a deep, darker brown. For a lighter shade, take beige tones like, China Glaze’s “Bourgeois Beige”, or ORLY’s “Almond Milk”; both polishes are light-beige shades.   

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Julia is a freshman at Stony Brook University, studying journalism. In her free time, you can find her driving to the beach in her jeep, drinking matcha lattes and scrolling through pinterest. She loves a perfect blowout, face masks and the way the sun sparkles when it hits the ocean.
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