4 Reasons to Study Abroad in College

1. It's the best way to learn a new language. 

The best, most fun way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are studying. Not only will you pick up the language faster, but you will be forced to speak it-almost every day-with the locals. Listen to that culture’s music, read their papers, and most importantly, don’t revert back to English! Sometimes we take the easy way out. But at the end of your experience how great would it be to be able to come back with another language under your belt? It would be pretty awesome!

2. Food, food, food. 

Just think of all the new different types of food you will try along the way! Chocolate con churros and paella in Spain, creamy chocolate gelato in Italy and loaded waffles in Belgium. Wherever you go, you’ll introduce your tastebuds to an array of unique and succulent dishes. My favorite thing to do in Spain was to meet up with friends at various bars for Spain’s well known tapas, an assortment of spanish appetizers, including chorizo, sandwiches and olives.

3. You will make life-long international friends.

One of my greatest fears studying abroad was the fact that I would have a difficult time making friends; however, it was just the opposite. Every international student is in the same boat as you, looking for companions to travel with and wanting experience everything a different country has to offer. It’s especially a great relief when you find out they speak the same language! I met many people from all over the globe including Brazil, Thailand and Australia. After the study abroad program ends, be sure to stay in contact with your international friends. You’ll even have a new (and free!) place to travel to when you visit them in their home countries. Studying abroad really gives you the opportunity to create lasting, meaningful friendships.

4. You get to have amazing weekend getaways. 

Traveling is one thing that has always intrigued me. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to do that. Studying abroad in Europe is even greater-there are 50 countries all within a short traveling distance. Many people I met during my experience made sure to schedule Friday’s off. This entitled them to a whole weekend full of travel. Traveling from one country to the next in Europe is very easy and affordable. There’s the Eurorail and also Ryanair, which offers cheap flights around Europe. Sometimes it’s as low as $40 to travel between two cities. What a steal! 

In the end, when you are faced with the decision whether or not to study abroad, it could end up being one of the best decisions in your college career. It may seem too ambitious at first, too expensive, or too time consuming. But that's not always the case. In fact it can be covered by financial aid and the program can range from as short as three weeks during the winter break to as long as an academic year abroad. It is definitely a rewarding and worthwhile experience that every college student should take full advantage of.