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4 Easy & Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Sometime’s it can be difficult to eat a healthy breakfast when you are in college. You either wake up late, opt for a not-so-healthy grab-n-go meal, or don’t eat breakfast at all. It may be cliche to say that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day, but it’s true! Your first meal of the day gives your body the energy it needs for the hectic school day. Take a look at a few of the recipes below. They are easy, you can prep them overnight, and they’re quick.

1. Fruit SaladIngredients: Green apples, pineapple, grapes, clementines and mango.

Basically any fruit combination you can think of!

2. Avocado Fried Egg Toast with OJ

Ingredients: Whole wheat toast, avocado, one fried egg, salt & pepper to taste and orange juice

All you have to do is toast a slice of bread and either slice or spread the avocado onto the bread. Top with a fried egg (or any egg preference you like). Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with a side of OJ.  

3. Acai BowlIngredients: Frozen acai berries blended, bananas, honey, granola, strawberries and coconut.

Make it simple and grab one of these acai bowls on your way to school or make one yourself. Prep the acai blend the night before. In the morning put the acai blend on the bottom of a bowl, add granola, top with fruits of choice, drizzle with honey and top with shreds of coconut. Yum!

4. Organic No-Sugar Added Oatmeal with Fruit Ingredients: Natural, rolled oats (or instant plain oatmeal) and fruits of choice. Sliced strawberries and red grapes are shown above.

All you have to do is cook ½ cup of rolled oats with one cup of water in a small saucepan. Once the oatmeal is cooked, top with your berries of choice. If you decide to use instant plain oatmeal, follow the directions on the package and cook in the microwave. Then add your berries of choice. Add ins: Experiment and add different toppings to your oatmeal. A few include a drizzle of honey, sliced almonds, raisins (you can even cook the raisins with the oatmeal in the saucepan) or brown sugar.

Tiffany is a senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Business Management. She’s an avid chocolate lover, enjoys traveling, taking pictures and baking. One day she aspires to speak Spanish fluently.
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