11 Looks to Channel Your Inner Spencer Hastings

We know Spencer Hastings as the academically gifted personality of her group from the ABC show Pretty Little Liars. Spencer always has an arsenal of genius test scores and witty comebacks. She isn’t afraid to bring a little old school flair to her look or to prep it up with an outfit that gives off school-girl vibes. These 11 totally totally cute wardrobe pieces have "Spencer Hastings" written all over them - perfect for getting in the mood to study or for grabbing coffee with a group of friends! Break out your inner Ms. Oxford with Spencer’s preppy and sophisticated outfits.

1. Coordinate your cloche with your outfit.

A cloche is the raspberry-colored hat you see Spencer rocking. The color perfectly matches the button down she’s wearing and the hat just adds some sense of royalty and status to the outfit.

2. Get down to business with a blazer.

Everyone will know you’re serious about studying for that midterm (or serious about your shopping spree!) The blazer look on Spencer says, “maybe I have time for a 30 second conversation with you” - she’s a super busy bee, after all and so are you!

3. Bonus points if you can manipulate a trench coat to work with your outfit.

The look has quite a few components to it yet still looks clean. A job well done, Spence!

4. Become best friends with plaid.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but for Spencer it’s probably her calculator, field hockey, and plaid. Flannel is a free-spirited wardrobe piece that you can wear with pretty much anything. It doesn’t even require much time or attention to look awesome on you - perfect for those workaholics who just cant!

5. Knee socks are a wardrobe staple.

Spencer can usually be seen sporting knee socks with some kind of boots and a dress. Knee socks add an extra hue to your look and keep you calves warm in the chilly Autumn air while bringing your outfit together.

6. Have an arsenal of funky belts.

Spencer’s intricate belts are paired with outfits to cinch her waist just enough to create a put together look. What’s cool is that she doesn’t wear her belts through the loops in her jeans - she goes the extra mile with her style and wears them over her shirts for a funky and well-kept look. 

7. Add a little prep in your step.

Spencer’s oxfords add a hint of preppy-ness to her overall look while also providing her with comfort. Footwear with ease is the best decision when you have to walk across campus from your dorm to get where you need to go! The shoes are cute and comfy - a very wise decision. Just what you’d expect from a Hastings.

8. Polo + headband + glasses = yes!

This is a big triple threat - you kill three birds with one outfit when you include these three elements. The three elements are simple and neat individually. Spencer knows when to celebrate her victories - look at that winning smile.

9. Live for messy buns.

You can tell that Spencer’s messy bun is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears that she puts into all of her endeavors. The strands of hair hanging from her bun don’t make her look unkempt but rather serious about her ambitions. Plus, with everything on your plate you probably don’t have time for anything too fancy.

10. Dont leave home without a cardigan.

Spencer clearly has a diverse collection of cardigans at her disposal. They give her different attitudes and a different light: from colorfully chic to candid and mellow to Autumn-ready heiress. They’re an easy addition if you want dress up an outfit.

11. Add layers to a warm sweater.

Spencer knows how to style a casual sweater and a serious button down for a style that’s comfortable but attentive. A studious combo like this is perfect for chilly fall days to keep you warm and keep you in the mood to do homework. This is an effortless yet well-played outfit and the combinations of sweaters and button downs are limitless! Bonus points if you pull of Argyle!