10 Things You Should Know If You Date Me, An Independent Girl

1. I never rely on anyone to do things for me

Even though it’s a nice to offer, just know I’ve been doing things by myself, for myself, for years. 

2. Don’t keep me in the dark about not showing up or missing plans

I hate people who make plans then when it rolls around to the time, goes completely MIA with texting, then texts me hours later asking to hang then. I can make other plans just as easily.

3. I’m not going to spend every second of the day obsessing over decoding what your text message really means

I’ll probably be too busy doing 50 million other things to even respond within the hour, let alone think about it. 

4. I love my alone time

Sorry, but I need my alone time! My time is MY time (future boyfriend: please don’t take it personally, I do it to everyone). 

5. Be honest and communicate with me

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s dishonesty. I’d rather be hurt by the truth than ignorantly kept in the dark.

6. I can handle myself perfectly well at a party where I know no one

There's no need to babysit me, go talk to your friends and I’ll make some new ones of my own. 

7. I won’t cook you breakfast in the morning

Sorry, but I burnt water once so going to IHOP is my usual solution to all breakfast things. 

8. We won’t spend every day together

I’m busy all the time and the off chance I’m not, see number 4. It’s nice to spend time together but personally, I get bored quite easily, so just know we won’t be matching outfits, finishing each other’s sentences, or spend every waking moment together. 

9. Sometimes, I can seem incredibly self-reliant and content, you might start wondering whether you’re needed in my life

You are wanted. You wouldn’t be there if I didn’t want you. Sometimes I’m so set in my ways that sharing my life with another person can often be daunting after years of being by myself. Be patient, I’ll come around to opening up eventually, it just takes time.

10. Yes, I still love nice big hugs and affection

I still like being called pretty, even if I usually tend to shrug it off. Independence will never be above wanting to be adored and cuddled like the next girl.