What you Could do When There is a Bug in your Room…

Ladies & Gentlehawks,

Another issue has come to our attention; and that would be bugs seem to be making their way into our rooms. Here in Benaglia 107, we are going on a solid three days of finding at least one bug in our room. This leads to screaming, throwing of objects and sprinting across our common room to rid our room of a bug. So as always, we thought it would be appropriate to list some simple ways to combat these creatures…


1.     Purchase a fire extinguisher and light that sucka on fire; or for more a more dramatic exit, light your room on fire - that should do the trick

2.     Spray it with febreeze, Windex or perfume and hope that it just disappears

3.     Scream

4.     Run

5.     Start ritualistic dancing and chanting

6.     Throw a rock at it

7.     Curl up into fetal position and start crying

8.     Set a trap; put out a nice dinner for your visitor. Wait until it decides its hungry, let it eat and then ask if it wants to dessert then lead it outside and then stand him or her up by locking it outside and never going outside again

9.     Turn your thermostat down and freeze it  

10. Move out of your room

11. Start whispering bad jokes and hope it leaves on its own

12. Play Panic at the Disco on repeat

13. Adopt it as a pet

14. Try to teach it Organic Chemistry concepts – those carbon to carbon bond structures can scare any creature on planet Earth

15. Trap it in a cup and let it suffocate

16.Trap it in a cup, slide a piece of paper underneath the cup and release it back to nature


If you need any extra inspiration, check out There’s a Bug in My Room on YouTube!


Happy bug hunting !!