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Stonehill’s Top Insta-Worthy Locations

Stonehill’s campus is undeniably beautiful. Ok, I may be a little biased, but it is simply stunning. Some may say it is ‘insta worthy’, which is why I am going to share Stonehill’s top four Instagram worthy locations. All photos were taken and edited by me!

  1. Donahue Hall

This photo op may be Stonehill’s most well-known. Chances are if you go to Stonehill, you have either taken a photo similar to this or you have definitely seen one on someone else’s Instagram page. The perfect place to stand to take this picture is right in front of the Academic and Welcome Center.

2.      The Clock

This is another iconic location on Stonehill’s campus. Position this photo just right and you can see the beautiful greenery of Donahue Hall in the background.

3.      The Library


The library is a place that students can study, do homework, socialize a little, and grab something to eat. The exterior of the building is beautiful with the fountain in the front. Another photo to show how beautiful Stonehill is.

4.      The Pond


One of my favorite places on campus to visit, because it is usually a very peaceful spot. The best place to take this picture is in the back of the Chapel of Mary.

Finally, I’ll share the editing app I used to make these photos look even more beautiful. I used the VSCO app, and the C6 filter within the app. I also adjusted the brightness, contrast, and saturation, etc.

Samantha Conti

Stonehill '22

Student at Stonehill College.
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