I quit Netflix so you don't have to

I quit netflix so you don’t have to.

Over the past two weeks I have finally answered the old college question of “will I be more productive if I don’t have a Netflix subscription?”


I feared I might be miserable, uncultured, or unable to fall asleep


I hoped I would do assignments ahead of time and feel less overwhelmed


Week One:

  • Goal: get a lot done based off placebo effect, if nothing else

I am starting out hopeful. I still watch plenty of streaming shows, Netflix and Hulu, when I hang out with friends so maybe I won’t miss it? I really did not miss it. I got my work done, didn’t fall asleep watching Netflix between classes, and felt really good about myself. Maybe it’s just positive vibes and wishful thinking though? I had so much free time without Netflix vying for my attention that I actually got over a week ahead in all of my classes! This is so encouraging because last semester I was the student cramming and rushing to get papers done and I am really trying to be a better student.


Week Two:

  • Goal: Stay ahead on my work, keep the momentum

This is easier said than done, because while I don’t miss Netflix yet, I am SO SO tired! With no downtime I am not burning out, I am still super excited and love the feeling of accomplishment, but I might need to go back to naps, just sans Netflix. I am sad to say that in over two weeks I have finally had another coffee (I’ve been trying to give that up slowly so I can feel the caffeine again). Even with the coffee, I almost fell asleep DURING practice!


The takeaway:

It’s great to save money, prioritize your grades, and feel accomplished. BUT, at what cost? College is hard and everyone needs downtime to recharge and re-energize. If that means Netflix for you, live your best life sis!