How (not) to Study

Dearest Collegiates,

Midterms are finally upon us, and oh man is the pressure on. This past couple of weeks has been a continuous cycle of me attempting to catch my breath just to get sucked back under. So for some comic relief, and an attempt at my procrastination, here is a creative and helpful list to you not study!


  1. Rank your favorite Sesame Street characters from worst to best
  2. Re-watch a season of gossip girl
  3. Paint your nails… again!!
  4. Do your laundry
  5. Clean out your desk
  6. Count all the cars parked in the Boland parking lot
  7. Write out all your assignments due for every class until the end of the semester
  8. Print out quality pictures of Elvis Presley and strategically place them throughout your house
  9. Investigate a Conspiracy Theory… and decide for yourself if Jay-Z is really a vampire or not.
  10.  Take a Buzzfeed quiz to determine what kind of dog you are


Now that I have provided you with some 10 simple ideas, I expect some great procrastination to be happening over the next couple of days; but good luck collegiates… may the grades forever be in your favor!!!


xo L