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Daily Commitments to Make Radical Change

Feeling down? I’m right there with you. These times are difficult and there is nobody who can tell you otherwise. We all cope with our personal traumas in our own unique ways but I’m here to tell you that you can and will get through this season. So, here are some daily promises I make to myself every single day.

Make your bed. I know it sounds silly but making your bed every single day is a commitment that will make you feel accomplished. Author and TEDx Talk Speaker, Mel Robbins, preaches the power of making your bed first thing in the morning. It is a gift to you and you will thank yourself later to come back to a place of peace. I have made this small daily commitment to myself and I will never turn back.

Create a daily mantra. Mantra’s can help stabilize you and shift your energy. When you’re caught up in a negative spiral, use this designated mantra as a way to bring yourself back to a calm state of mind. The mantra can be as simple as you want it to be and will work as a mini-meditation. Try it out and see how it goes!

Turn to faith. When something is beyond our control, trust that God has a greater plan. He will hold your hand on this journey and guide you to new beginnings. Trust that love will get you through. Give yourself forgiveness, set aside time for yourself each day that is strictly for you.

Practice gratitude. When I first was told to start writing down the things I am grateful for every morning, I really had no idea what I was doing. I sort of did it to just simply do it – going through the motions. But it wasn’t until I learned that it is the simple things that truly make us grateful. A slow cup of coffee in the morning, a walk on the beach, or a home-cooked meal. Don’t get me wrong, of course, be grateful for your health, family, and friends but what will shift your mindset are those little moments that happen each day.

As I was once reminded, never break a promise to yourself.


Corinne Lewis

Stonehill '22

Corinne Lewis is a Senior at Stonehill College and her hometown is Franklin, MA. Her desire to live creatively has led her to pursue her BSBA and BA in Marketing and Graphic Design while running her own business, Power of Me. Corinne loves connecting with her community and utilizes Her Campus to write about her personal experience and values. She finds bliss in sunsets on the beach, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, practicing spirituality, and listening to podcasts. Corinne believes that we all have a story to share and hopes to inspire those around her.
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