Campus Celebrity !!


Put your hands together for the first campus celebrity of the semester...... Tyson Bridge !!!!!!!!!


I know what you're probably saying, "didn't he graduate??" and the answer is yes! Tyson is the first Stonehill student to graduate early and enroll in the new graduate school!!!


Now, lets get down to business and learn everything there is to know about Tyson...


What is your favorite part thing about Stonehill? 

TB: The community (awwww) 

Things you are involved with on campus? 

TB: Rugby, Coaching 4 Change, Spoco supervisor & resident of the best house on campus

Favorite song to sing in the shower?

TB: Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

Favorite meal at the caf?

TB: Meaty Mac and Cheese Bar (Big Meat Guy)

Campus Crush?

TB: Brianna Doherty 

Super Power, and why?

TB: Time travel, to go back to freshman year and spend more time with friends (the cutest) 

Favorite house mate (besides me) 

TB: Zach McCormick (Bromance!!!!!) 


And the best part is....he's single!!!!! But not for long after people hear all these cute things he says!!

and feel free to throw him a follow on Instagram @tyson_bridge !!!