Athletes: post-season campus involvement

Chances are, if you are an athlete on your college’s team there are workouts year round.

But weekends will suddenly become more open without games. 

As a freshmen equestrian girl, I am slowly figuring out that everything I wanted to be involved in at the beginning of the year is already up and running- without much input from me. 

Originally diving in head first and leading groups that have either few events or other students helping me with my responsibilities, I feel like a failure. 

Definitely not a great feeling with finals fast approaching. 



If you’re an ATHLETE, ONLY:


  • Go through all the recreational sports and see if you can join any pickup games,
  • Coordinate with a friend to be workout buddies, on or off the team
  • Try to be a team manager for another sport 
  • Love your body! Catch up on some PT, let sore muscles rest, and binge watch holiday movies


If you are CAREER focused on the off- season:


  • Internships save lives from boredom and boost your resume 
  • Look for academic clubs 
  • Events on campus are great too! Think: lectures (often with free food after)



  • Socialize with friends in your grade who you don’t get to see as much in season


If you have HOBBIES:


  • Join art clubs
  • Become the master chef of your dorm kitchen
  • Start a club (Find strong co-leaders for in-season)


If you want to EXPLORE (and boost the ig):

  • Find scenic spots nearby and take pics 
  • Take public transportation into a different part of the city 
  • Go to concerts or shows


If you’re a BROKE COLLEGE KID (aka ALL OF US):

  • Get a job or take on more work hours… with most practices gone or weekends freed up you could make a serious dent in your student loans